The shooting of "Good Night, Angel", written and directed by Lucien Hilaire, will take place in March and April of 2014.


The project

Good Night, Angel (2014)



Edward and Ferdinand haven't seen each other since they broke up two years ago. After a chance run-in on a Paris street, they decide to get coffee. With not much else to talk about, their past relationship resurfaces...



Lucien Hilaire as Ferdinand




Edward Wolf as Edward





10 to 12 minutes.


Shooting dates and locations:

March 29th & 30th and April 5th & 6th, 2014 in Paris and Alfortville. 



Written and directed by:

Lucien Hilaire


Director of photography:

Simon Bittmann


Assistant director and cameraman:

Frédéric Borensztein


Script supervisor:

Juliette Hirtz


Sound engineer:

Arnold Zeilig


Set design:

Laurie Briche



Irvine Robbie




Simon Bittmann and Lucien Hilaire already collaborated on There Were Ruins on Every Hand (2014).


Photos on the set:











They also participated, along with Frédéric Borensztein, in the 2013 edition of the 48-Hour Film Festival, with Un été à l'ombre:  




For an idea of what inspires us, take a look at the film's Pinterest board:

Why fund it?

With a limited budget, the goal is to make the crew's experience on the set as pleasant as possible. We are hoping to raise enough funds to ensure the crew has a comfortable time (food, resting area, transportation, etc.) and to facilitate their work (equipment rental, shooting permits, etc.)


With much hope that you will believe in the project as much as we do, thanks in advance for your generosity!


The Good Night, Angel cast and crew.

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Bonne chance !
"We are hoping to raise enough funds to ensure the crew has a comfortable time" : pour moi ça veut dire bière, donc voilà ma maigre participation pour acheter un pack.