Our new EP Gravitate is our best work yet. Help us get it finished !


The project

We made it to 2,500 euros thanks to you, but it is not over! Here are the reasons to continue giving:



Cars on Rooftops' new EP: Gravitate


Listen to this! It’s the title song for our new EP Gravitate.


The Cars Sound

It took us a long time to find the Cars Sound. The sound our fans enjoy in concert and the one that we love playing: warm, acoustic, no electric instruments, lots of drums and vocal harmonies.

We are super excited that the new 5-track EP will be able to capture all of these and represent our current live show, like this video here, Gambler's Handbook:


And Constant Use...


The EP

Music production involves two main costs: studio days to record the music and mixing & mastering sessions to make the raw recording sound like a polished jewel.

For the recording phase we went with studio Aéronef in Paris. As musicians with other projects we have already recorded there and it feels like a second home.

For mix & mastering we turned to Mike Cave of Loft Studios in Liverpool, England. Mike is responsible for one of our favourite folk albums so to make Gravitate sound at its best we went with the best guy we know.


Where you come in

We turn to you in order to make this happen. One song is ready (you heard it!) - the other four are so close.

We believe our music has real potential. We see it in concerts all the time and now we can hear it on record. We want it to have the best chance to reach the widest possible audience, radio and the music industry.


Thank you for reading all this way, we promise more good music coming.

Why fund it?

2,500 euros : mix & mastering costs for the four songs left of the EP. 


Any sum over 2,500 will be used for:

- PR expenses (personnel, printing posters, graphics) the Gravitate EP launch concert (to be held in Paris, march 7th, 2015)

- pay extra musicians for the Gravitate EP launch concert.

- hire a film crew to document the Gravitate EP launch concert (cameraman, editor, equipment)

Cars on Rooftops

Cars on Rooftops is a folk band from Paris. It started up in 2010, as Bar (guitar + vocals) started composing songs and asked Pierre (drums) if he wanted to be in a band. Louise (percussion + vocals) came soon after, but it took another 6 months until Andrew (double bass) came along. With the addition of Corentin (live sound engineer & studio... See more

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Bravo de la part de Mananie et GP !!