This is the story about the food deficiencies people, the tired earth, and insects for food in humanitarian cause.


The project

Crickets are full of protein and essential nutrients. Because of climate change, conflicts and disasters, people are forced to moove and then suffer from undernourishment. Starvation concerns 846 millions people in the world. In most of their culture, they already eat species of insects.



Why fund it?

Press has covered the insect trend, because it is a new way to feed us, more ecologic, and that can avoid  a worlwide crisis of food.

With 6 000 €, I would be apt for obtain a subvention and implement my farm in Spain. I will mainly sell my production to NGOs and keep the price lowest.






Miriam Grillons

Agée de 32 ans, j ai travaillé dans le secteur des énergies renouvelables comme attachée commerciale, un métier consistant à développer le photovoltaïque sur les toitures. Puis j'ai suivi une formation commerce international qui m'a amené à occuper un poste d'assistante export pour une entreprise suisse. Je me suis ensuite tourné vers... See more