Hank is a restaurant located in le Marais in Paris which provide delicious organic hamburgers without any animal products.


The project

What's Hank ?


Hank is a restaurant located in le Marais in Paris which provide delicious organic hamburgers without any animal products.


An hamburger Hank it's :


★ organic: carefully chosen suppliers

★ healthy: 50% less fat than a meat burger

★ fresh: our steaks are homemade and our burgers are prepared on-demand

★ and ecological: it divide your carbon footprint by 10 in one meal!


With our wonderful hamburgers, you'll leave happy and powerful!


Please be seated, we bring you the carte !




Our steaks are homemade from mushrooms, soya and seitan.

The sauces, tomato-ginger, pepper-five berry, homemade ketchup, truffle are perfect with the steak, the bread and the ognions and fried mushrooms.

With that: french fries ou salad, and drinks.

And then, cookie, muffin or fruits pie.




Who's Hank?


The name Hank stand for “Have A Nice Karma”. This bring the idea of Hank : health, environment and animal care.


Hank is the result of an hard work for many month. Create the best recipes, find the place, create the brand, fight the french administration...


The staff :


☃ Agnes, com',

☃ Julie, design,

☃ Pierre, creator,

☃ Alex, works.  


I'd like to know more...


See our Facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/hankrestaurant

or contact us by email: contact@hankrestaurant.com we're alway happy to talk about Hank!

Why fund it?

Buy some equipments:


➤ 1 french fries oven

➤ 3 refrigirator

➤ 1 refrigerated window

➤ 1 oven

➤ 1 toaster

➤ 1 bain-marie

➤ preparation table


And what are the counterparties?


Well, actually, it's not going to cost you nothing! By participating, you Prepurchase your menus that you will come very soon enjoy in real life. MORE from € 5 and all other amounts, you are invited to our next opening night where you can enjoy our delicious burgers free preview! MORE from 50 € and all other amounts, your name on the wall fresco in the main restaurant



- The massages are performed by a beauty http://mille-et-une-beautes.com/ which is in the same premises as Hank. - Can I come accompanied by a person if I contribute 20 € and two people if I contribute 30 € and so on. ? Yes! - How long is valid consideration? One year from its issuance.


L’idée est de démontrer qu’il est possible de consommer autrement sans abandonner le plaisir de manger et du goût. Pierre, à l’origine du projet, est végétarien depuis 2 ans et végétalien depuis quelques mois. A travers ses recherches en santé, écologie et cuisine, il a découvert qu’il était possible de consommer autrement sans abandonner... See more

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Bravo et merci pour ces futurs délicieux " burger", nous avons hâte de venir. Le nom du restaurant est magnifique.GOOD LUCK
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