Be part of the development of Hardi Magazine's second issue : an innovative, creative and interactive mixture, available on iPad !


The project




HARDI is an interactive and avantguard iPad only magazine.

It explores a brand new creative field, mixing photography and video with motion and interactive add-ons made possible by tablets.


We invite you to take a look at our first issue dedicated to dance, by downloading our iPad app for free: here !




HARDI came up with a viewpoint, that technical innovation must be at the service of creation. It was imagined, created, and put together by talented digital image and innovative professionals. Craftsmen of beauty, modernity, and precision that with their iconoclastic inspirations, created an aesthetic mix bringing together photographers, videomakers, writers, arti directors around creation as the only value.

HARDI is an audacious project, which hopefully foreshadowes a promising future for our creative industry !




HARDI comes from an era where tablets started to sell more than computers and when this break changed consumer’s and media’s behaviours. We imagined tomorrow’s editorial and advertising fashion and luxury contents, in order  to bring readers a new user experience.

HARDI was brought up by the acknowledgement that the magazine industry is on the wake of a major revolution and that app contents for magazines barely take advantage of all these new interactive and movement possibilities. HARDI matches this need for opening and revival in Photography.








Why fund it?


HARDI is, above all, a research and development project which needs a lot of investments. The KissKissBankBank funds will primarily serve our app development costs.

The funds will allow us to imagine more interactive and innovative contents. We estimate these development costs with all the interactive modules at about 20.000€, and our first goal is to finance at least half of it.


Our second goal is also to produce more beautiful images with the help of our contributing photographers and directors as well as all the art directors, stylists, decorators, hair-dressers, make-up artists, artists, models without whom our images would never exist. It would only be fair to retribute them in their right value for their essential participation in the creation of our magazine.


HARDI Magazine and all its contributors need your support !





WHO IS HARDI ? HARDI is ROUCHON because Rouchon is hardi (daring) ! ROUCHON PARIS’s goal is to encourage editorial and advertising players to create specific contents for tablets and to guide them on this path. Created in 1995 by photographer Jacques Rouchon - press reporter in the famous Rapho agency alongside fellow Robert Doisneau, Willy... See more

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Super idée ! Belle réalisation ! Je pense que c'est un espace de créativité et de communication nouveau qui a sa place auprès de tous les autres !
Tous les plus beaux vents au 2eme magazine HARDI ! C'est trop la classe ce magazine ! Une idee de talent! Hâte de l'avoir sur mon ipad!
Le premier numéro est superbe, j'ai hâte de voir le second.