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HAS BEEN is a 20 minutes short film starring Frank Delay, a French singer from the 90's Boys Band "2be3"


The project

From its glorious ashes, the phoenix shall rise


Hi, dear English speakers ! Thanks for taking the time to watch our video and read those almost-English subtitles.


So, here’s the deal : we’re making a 20 minutes short film that will hopefully one day become a feature film, and we need your help to make this happen.


The story :


The film will follow the life of Stanley, who used to be the leader of the most famous Boys Band from the 90s. But fifteen years later, his life has taken a whole different turn… Now, he has to work as a salesman in a lousy insurance company in order to make ends meet, his wife left him after he got depressed, his banking account is low, and his boss keeps threatening to fire him. On top of that, he can’t even manage to pursue his dreams of making a living with his music because every casting director he speaks to makes fun of his past as a Boys Band member and expresses his lack of credibility. Unfortunately, neither his great talent, nor his agent, who would do anything to have him in the spotlight again, can change the situation. The only positive side in his life is his son Maxime, who brightens his days and supports him no matter what.


But all that changes when his agent offers him to be the main guest on “Has Been”, a successful trashy talk show where a couple of famous roasters poke fun at a C-list celebrity in order to make the audience laugh.


Stanley, whose only goal is to succeed with his music, has a choice to make : participate in the show to get the big fee the production is offering, but which would destroy any chance of gaining a musical credibility and disappoint his son ; or going on with his regular life and hoping for better days ?


The casting :


Both the character and his story are fictional, but to play the part of Stanley, we are lucky enough to have someone who actually lived this Boys Band experience in the 90s, since he was the leader of the most famous French Boys Band back then : les 2be3 ! His name is Frank Delay, he’s now a talented actor, and you might not know who he is if you never lived in France but he’s basically the Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, the Robbie Williams of Take That, or the Shawn of Boys II Men.




So he’s clearly a HUGE deal for all the girls old enough to know that Justin Timberlake once looked really cool in an all-denim outfit.




Frank has now an acting career of his own, having starred in various successful plays in Paris and many short movies or TV shows.



Picture above : Frank Delay in the TV show "Metal Hurlant Chronicles"



Why fund it?

The production company LIVE Productions, who has specialized in audio-visual production for the past 12 years, allows us to access a great deal of professional film equipment : cameras, microphones, an exceptional Steadicam, a pro editing table, and so on.


However, even if neither the production nor the direction staff will wind up earning any money, we feel that the rest of the project team should get paid.


That said, here is how your money will be used :


First of all, we’ll need 4000 € to pay all of our actors (Frank, but also those who will play his son, his ex-wife, his boss, his agent, and so on).


Then, we’ll need 3000 € to pay all of our technical crew.


And finally, we’ll also need 1000 € to pay for food, transportation, and production expenses on set.


And, if you like our project so much that we get more than 8000 €, we’ll have enough money to pay our sound designer, graphic designer, photographer, and every other person who worked on the film !


HAS BEEN is a 20 minutes short film starring Frank Delay, a French singer from the 90's Boys Band "2be3"

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