Join us to relocate our production unit from Asia to France.


The project

Founded in 2010 in the city of Biarritz (France), HAUTE SAISON is dedicated to the rain. Our ambition is to offer a quality raincoat, fashion, trend, with colors to illuminate women on rainy days.  

Our clothes are waterproof by our manufacturing technique and above all they are beautiful because we create lovely and colored designs.


For our first collection, the dot model was declined in 6 colors and have been produced more than 6000 and sold in 200 shops in France, Europe and Asia. During these three years, due to the asian manufacturing technique (serigraphy) what a frustration to not being able to create more different designs with tartan, bubble, flower, with leather effect, with fruit and even why not a graffiti print.  

Offer every year dozen of patterns and be able to propose a new design to the shops in less than 30 days : that is the challenge !   In April 2013, we chose to make it  : first we had to find how we could do a digital printing on a waterproof and strech material then how to waterproof the seams without refering to Asia.





Step 1 : digital printing


No more repetitive designs with 4 colors max. Lets's make any possible creation with no limit of colors, shadow effects, ... After 8 months of research and with the financial support of the French General Council, we are now able to print any pattern with any color and in any quantity and all that in France and in less than 24 hours.










Step 2 : make our clothes waterproof


We had to do the France roundtrip : nautical manufacturer, technical clothing manufacturer, industrial specialists manufacturer. Finally it is 60 km far from us that we find a garment factory with an ultra-motivated team : we suggest to equip them with the right machines and they take care of everything else.





Let's go :  


Today, the 2014 collection is designed and prototyped.

- raincoat : long model with a great covering

- jacket : very tight, it becomes the daily clothing even when it is dry.

- rain cape : ultra-convenient but also very feminine (no pancho effect).

- hat


20 prints are already printed: Python, Sparkling, Ecossais, Figues, Flower pop, Graffiti.




Well, almost ready...


the last step for us, is to buy the machine that can waterproof the seams, and train the staff at the workshop.

The machine is available and can be installed in January, the first raincoats will leave the workshop on January 20.





Have a look to the patterns : 



Why fund it?

The money will be used to equip the workshop based in the French Basque Country so that it will be able to do technical waterproof clothing. 

Cost of the machine: 7,800 €






FAQ Questions about the project

+ Comment je fais pour choisir un motif parmi la collection?

A la fin de collecte, vous recevrez un book avec les tailles, les imprimés et les photos des modèles. Vous pourrez alors facilement faire votre sélection.

Newest comments

J -2 .... Deux mille quatorze bravos aux créateurs pour cette nouvelle audace et tous nos vœux de succès à Haute Saison dans cette nouvelle étape du made in France ! Nous sommes heureu-ses et pressé-es de retrouver les nouveaux impers Haute Saison dans les rayons de nos boutiques préférées : de la couleur, des motifs et des coupes sympas, on aime sans limites.... Mercis aussi de nous montrer qu'on peut encore FAIRE des choses en France !! Bonne année !
Vive l'initiative et la création made in Biarritz!
Bravo pour vos créations. J'ai moi même un imper que j'ai acheté à St Jean à Lili Crémerie. C'est un modèle ancien mais j'adore et lorsque je le mets, j'ai toujours beaucoup de compliments. Courage, votre projet va aboutir. Vous le méritez. Je crois de plus en plus à la solidarité et suis sensible à la mise en oeuvre de telles initiatives d'entraide.