The ULB student delegation participates in the NMUN 2014, simulation of the United Nations in New York. Help bring youth voices to the UN !


The project

The National Model United Nations (NMUN) is the most important simulation of the United Nations. Gathering more than 5.000 students from all around the world, NMUN takes place in New York, including some sessions at the UN Headquarters.




The 24 students of the Université libre de Bruxelles delegation 2014 (ULB MUN) will take on roles of norwegian diplomats at the NMUN next march. This will be the fifth participation of a delegation from the ULB. 


Once again, the objective is to represent the Université libre de Bruxelles and Belgium in the best possible way at this prestigious international event. Each year, the delegation won a diplomatic prize. Last year, the delegation stood out by getting the first prize : "Outstanding Delegation". The 2014 team prepares assiduously since October 2013 in order to live an unforgettable experience such as the 2013 delegation.






Why fund it?

Such a project requires an important budget. The total expenditures are estimated at 39.000€. Indeed, with 24 students and two faculty advisors, this budget will cover :  

- Registration fees: € 2750

- Flights: € 15,600

- Visa fees: 250 €

- Accommodation: € 11,300

- Other costs (food, transportation, etc..): € 9,100  

Your contribution will thus complete our initial budget. If we can achieve our goal of € 1.500, this will cover the equivalent of the fees for a member of the delegation.



We are a delegation of 24 students from different faculties of the Université libre de Bruxelles. Our team was formed in October 2013. Since then, we meet every week in order to represent our university in the best possible way at the NMUN in New York next March.

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Bonne chances ! KA
Very nice initiative ! I believe Model UN is a way to develop young people, negotiate, and understand different nations. Good luck !
Super projet! :)