Donate to help the victims of the war in Syria.


The project

This donation campaign is conducted in parallel with the photographic performance "Opened Windows on Syria".


"Opened Windows on Syria" will ultimately become a photographic exhibition in the streets of Marseille, Muhlouse, Freiburg and Strasbourg. For example, this photograph shows a spot of the exhibition in Marseille :




All along this urban itinerary, photographs open windows on the war in Syria. They show the daily-life in the city of Aleppo or in refugee camps, fear, joy, destructions, sometimes death, the fighters of the Free Syrian Army, the fights, Hope at last.


The aim of this urban performance is to remove the distance created by the media, to raise awareness about the reality of the war, and to denounce the exactions committed by Bashar El-Assad’s regime.


This donation and photographic campaign promotes Peace and build it by bringing the people together. Make a donation to support this commitments !


Share, please, this campaign around you, the Syrian people needs us.


Why fund it?

The collected donations will be used for the income of the professional photographers or civilians, who are risking their lives in order to document the war and the dimensions of the horror in Syria.


The donations will be used to help the person affected by war and in need for help, through the photographers.


The donations will also be used to cover the costs of the photographic performance "Opened Windows on Syria".


More specifically

-  20% of the donations (a maximum of 150€) will cover the cost of the print (90€), of the equipment (30€), and other cost of running costs of (30€).

- 80% of the donations (about 650€) will be used to provide significant help to the victims of the war (food, meds, ...). Beyond the collected 800€, the rest will return to the Syrian people as well.

Thumb_kisskissbankbank_avatar-1429180743 is an informal group (but will become very soon a non-profit association under French law), which objectives are to promote, share and organize volunteer and collective art, cultural and political actions in the streets. To follow the latest news, visit our website or like our page on Facebook!

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Ma participation correspond aux contributions en liquide suivantes (entre parenthèse, les initiales des contributeurs/-trices): - (L.M) 15€ - (A.P) 50€ - (P.G) 5€ - (M.G) 12€ - (A.A) 10€
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