NADEAH introduces : « Help- the- rAged »! After « Venus Gets Even », autoproduction of my second album solo.


The project


Howdy Peoples of the Music Lovers Undivide,


Here is the lowdown-

I am making my second solo album and I would like to offer you the opportunity to contribute to making it happen.

As you may or may not know, music can be an expensive business and these days since most of us listen to spotify and youtube, music doesn't sells as much which means there are less funds to pay future albums.

In the past I have released 3 albums, all independently financed.

I tried to do that this time, but as the industry has changed I need your help.


If you would be so kind as to contribute to my cyber trust fund to help pay for mixing, mastering, artwork and pressings of the album so it can then be available to you as soon as possible, I will kiss and exfoliate your feet into eternity.


In return I can offer the following if you decide you want to be a part of making this album happen......





« Help- the- rAged »: This is the name of this fundraising project. Regarding the album “I have a few titles, and all VIP participants in this musical adventure will  be asked  to vote for their favourite one". 





Here are some videos live of my new songs for the album: 







And a few ones on studio: 







Why fund it?

* Recording on Studio Black Box and Microbe studio.

* Rehearsals on Studio Bleu and Studio Geode.

* My  Musicians : Antoine Simoni, Antoine Reininger, Fred Fortuny, Victor Paillet, Olivier Ferrarin et Remi Sanna.

* Mixing in studio “somewhere in Paris with a mixer in Paris in a studio in Paris". 

* Mastering: Warren Russell – Smith au Magic Shop in NY.

* Artwork and cover pictures and leaflet for the album. 


Nadeah is an unlikely artist. She cannot write or practice in front of anyone, including her mother. In the studio she has to black out all the windows so no one can see her sing, and before shows she used to cry in a corner and rock back and forth like a baby. "If people knew how terrified I was to get on stage, to play new songs, to put out... See more

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Chante, ma belle, chante !
Pour tout le plaisir que tu nous apportes ! Merci pour tout <3
Can't wait to hear the new album!