Help us record our first album with Charles de Schutter (M, Ghinzu, Ozark Henry,...) in the prestigious Rec'n Roll studio!


The project

Having just released their very first EP, “All Is Bright”, indie pop outfit Wild Shelter is a rather new but already thriving addition to the Belgian music scene. The creative minds behind it are Brussels brothers Adrien (27) and Alex Waeyenbergh (29), who have been making music together since they were kids, first at a classical music school and later jamming in their bedrooms. Their music is the enticing amalgam of the duo’s many influences, ranging from their lengthy classical education to electronic music, 70s rock, folk and contemporary pop, while putting an emphasis on thumping beats and catchy yet melancholic melodies.




Thanks to your support, a few of our dreams already came true and after a first contact with the outside world thanks to our EP "All is Bright", we now want to move to the next step, often recognised as the true beginning of a band: the first album. We are more than ready to put the means up to the challenge.

Recently a handful of accomplished musiciens joined the project, Alan Delanghe at the keys, Olivier Detroz at the drums and Sebastien Collette at the bass guitar. All three widen the horizon of both our influences and compositions.


Our many shows, inlcuding our sold out Botanique, showed us how wonderful your support has been and so we wish to once again call for your awesomeness to help us achieve this feat.




In charge of this ordeal is none other than Charles Deschutter well known for his collaborations with M, Ghinzu, Ozark Henry and many others, alongside Gordon Delacroix from Recorders. We are also glad to annouce that The brussels artist FSTN will draw the cover.


Heartfelt thank you for all your support.


Take Shelter and Stay Wild !




Here's a link to our BandCamp where you can download our first EP "All is Bright" for free:


Here's a short promo video for our past concert at Botanique.



This is the cover of All is Bright, created by artist FSTN




Here's a track we co-wrote with bands Recorders, Cook Strummer and The Sunday Charmers.


Why fund it?

The crowdfunding will help us cover the following expenses:


- Studio recording and mixing (6000€)

- Mastering (1000€)

- Pressing CDs (600€)

- Pressing vinyls (1500€)

- Printing t-shirts (500€)

- Promotional items (posters, stickers, etc.) (200€)

Wild Shelter

Avec leur premier EP "All is Bright" fraîchement sorti, le groupe d’indie rock Wild Shelter a trouvé sa place sur la scène musicale belge. Les esprits créatifs derrière ce projet sont les frères Bruxellois Adrien (27) et Alex (29) Waeyenbergh, qui font de la musique ensemble depuis le plus jeune âge, d'abord dans une académie, pour ensuite créer petit à... See more

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Bonne continuation dans votre projet!
Ch'ail-ter-miné le payement, c'est formi-wild d'avoir déjà atteins vos objectifs ! La bise à vous 2 :)