Hemen creates male underwear with an attitude and reveals the man under the garment.


The project



The Basques believe that in olden days, during transhumance, the shepherds wives used to give their husbands an undergarment that was endowed with the power to protect them from the harshness of nature's elements.

Hemen, which means "here" in the Basque language, wanting to perpetuate this tradition, managed to revive the genuine savoir-faire and high-quality textiles that built the reputation of this legendary present.

Hemen designs underwear with personnality for the men of today, living in harmony with their time and caring about their comfort - male underwear with an attitude.







Inspired by the Basque country, its traditions, its history, its craft and culture, the strength and colors of the elements, all our products are designed in Biarritz, Basque country.

We create for the man of today, the one that with all his genuineness, manhood and sensivity dares to express his taste for nostalgia and his faith in the future.




Understated but not basic, our range of undergarments is intended to be both unique and for everyone. Our signature, sophisticated and discrete, is a linen yoke overstitched with a red thread.




Underwear is the garment that is the most subjected to body movements. To avoid deformation along the wear, we only use cotton knitted from long fibers. This feature guarantees the delicacy and extensibility of the product.

For our boxer-short model, the Albar, the mesh is also mixed with 4% elastane for even more resiliency.


Our designs only use flatlock seams. They are particularly suited for extensible fabrics, and, when done with special care, they also have the property to reduce friction.


Finally, our products are devised according to the male morphology to ensure absolute comfort.







Deeply concerned about our impact on the environment, and motivated by a civic approach, we produce jersey underwear made from GOTS-certified organic cotton (Global Organic Textil Standard).




The intensive farming of cotton is one of the most polluting on the planet. Organic cotton, on the other hand, is grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and the dye is done without using heavy metals or other harmful substances. This growing method avoids a number of intoxications recorded in developing producing countries.

It is approximately 20% more expensive, the yield return being less efficient, but the harvested fiber is smoother, softer, and therefore more pleasurable to wear.






Our packaging, simple and rustic, is developed by us, from brown kraft paper bags, a responsible alternative since their manufacturing doesn't involve harmful solvents. It is biodegradable and is recycled with low levels of resource use.

What’s more, it is locally sourced, as, in France, this kind of paper essentially stems from the Landes forest - a neighboring region.









The textile production is made in the region of Porto, in Portugal, a country we are fond of for its savoir-vivre, and do support for its textile savoir-faire.

Indeed, Portugal figures among the most highly rated production sites for designers with high quality standards, especially concerning jersey work.


This location is a strategic choice as well, with regard to reactivity and flexibility, but also to environmental impact, considering the human size of the factories and the geographic proximity.







Hemen is the outcome of the equation consisting of four creative and passionate personalities: Melody and Bixente - local figures and vintage experts - and Marie and Manu - the designers.


Bixente has been a collector and a two-wheeler culture specialist for more than 20 years. His garage-workshop, Au 92, is the unavoidable Mecca for old-bike, BMX, skate and vintage furniture aficionados on the Basque coast.

As for Melody, also a hyperactive bargain-hunter, she’s an expert in Polaroid and retro clothing. Set up in Bayonne, along the river Adour, her Petite Boutique Vintage is brimming over with quirky and original treasures.

Together, they also operate in the field of event planning as set designers and decorators for brands or festivals.



photo: David Marvier


About Marie and Manu, their thing is textile and design: they are the brand’s Artistic Directors, from the original branding to the final product.

Based in Biarritz, they use their know-how through their creative agency, MakeMy Studio.




Why fund it?

We are committed to keeping Hemen a free and independent project completed through self-financing, and thanks to your support via KissKissBankBank.




Finance the first production of our 3 flagship models and packaging


> Cost of production of our 3 flagship styles: 7800 €




> Kraft-paper bags: 417€




Pay our talented friend, because the laborer is worthy of his hire, even if he’s pal.


> Silver photoshoot (+technical expenses) by the Basque photographer Gabrielle Duplantier : 1050 €

> E-store design and development by the digital agency Since76 : 1375 €









* If we hit the requested jackpot of 6,000 €!

It pulls a big thorn off our side: half of our start-up costs are covered.


** If we GO BEYOND the requested jackpot and reach 8,000 €!

We breathe easier: production is 100% funded.


*** If we S M A S H the jackpot and reach or exceed 10,000 €!

KissKissBankBank is a blessing and you are all Hemen’s angel-benefactors:

Not only do we have enough money to pay everybody in due time, but we also have the means to give an international dimension to our project straightaway:

- galvanize our visibility on the Web thanks to the buying of advertising space, Facebook campaigns and Google AdWords,

- set up the English version of the website,

- subcontract the sending and delivery to a local special employment centre for disabled workers (ESAT)


Not only will you get our deepest thanks, but no matter how much they pitch in, all our contributors shall be cited on our "Wall of Fame" – which is really big, so we look forward to seeing a whole lot of you guys!!


Join and follow us on social networks:

- FaceBook @hemen.biarritz

- Instagram @hemen_biarritz


Hemen Biarritz

Hemen is the outcome of an equation consisting of four creative and passionate personalities: Marie, Melody, Bixente and Manu. First there were Bixente and Melody, local figures and vintage experts. Bixente has been a collector and a two-wheeler culture specialist for more than 20 years. His garage-workshop, Au 92, is the unavoidable Mecca for... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Pourquoi ne pas avoir opté pour une fabrication française? Why didn’t you opt for a “made in France” process?

Comme expliqué précédemment dans le projet, nous avons choisi de localiser notre production au Portugal pour trois raisons essentielles:
la qualité, la flexibilité et la proximité.
C'est un pays qui bénéficie d'un savoir-faire textile, et au niveau du jersey notamment, de renommée mondiale.
C'est aussi un choix stratégique en matière de réactivité et de flexibilité, mais également d'impact sur l'environnement de part ses usines à taille humaine et sa proximité géographique.

As we explained earlier, we chose to locate our production in Portugal for three essential reasons:
quality, flexibility, and proximity.
It is a country rich with a textile savoir-faire that enjoys global recognition, notably for jersey.
It is also a strategic choice with regard to reactivity and flexibility, but also to environmental impact, considering the human size of the factories and the geographic proximity.

+ Comment faire pour "commander" plusieurs fois la même contribution ou plusieurs contributions différentes? Is it possible to "place an order" for several rewards?

Tout est possible, tant que vous contribuez à hauteur du montant exact du "souhait personnalisé".
Si par exemple, vous souhaitez contribuer à hauteur de 150 € et recevoir 3 boxers Albar. Effectuez l'opération normalement avec le montant de votre contribution et contactez nous par mail pour nous adresser votre souhait "personnalisé" de contribution.
De même si vous souhaitez, 3 petits couteaux ou 1 petit couteau + 1 Boxer Albar, et ainsi de suite.

Sure it is. Just make sure you pledge the exact amount needed for the custom-made rewards you want.
Example: if you wish to contribute 150€ and receive 3 Albar boxer shorts, perform the operation normally with the right amount and email us to mention your wish. Same process if you want 3 small knives, a big one, and an Albar boxer short, for instance.

+ Est ce que les envois à l'international sont possibles? Do we ship internationally?

Bien sûr! Les frais de port inclus sont sur les bases des coûts d'envoi en France métropolitaine mais il faut compter 10€ en plus pour un envoi UE ou 20€ pour un envoi hors UE (des droits de douanes sont aussi à prévoir en fonction des destinations - merci de vous renseigner et de les inclure dans votre contribution)

Sure do. The reward levels were set with french shipping in mind though, but add 10€ for inside EU and 20€ for overseas shipping to your total donation and we should be good. Please also note that, as tariffs and import fees can vary by country, they are not covered either. You might want to look them up in advance before ordering.

+ Comment préciser sa taille? / How do I enter my size choice?

Tous nos produits seront disponibles en 4 tailles : S, M, L ou XL.
Dans un second temps, si la campagne est un succès, nous nous rapprocherons de vous par email pour finaliser ce point.

The product range will be available in 4 sizes: S, M, L, XL.
That part comes next. Assuming the funding goal is met, you'll get a survey to collect that info just before we ship.

+ On a oublié quelque chose? Anything we forgot to mention?

Contactez nous directement et nous ferons le nécessaire pour vous répondre dans les plus brefs délais.

Feel free to email us and we'll make sure to come back to you as soon as possible.

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