Theater told by puppets, a few shadows and a human being. Reimbursed by Social Security for its euphoric effect (soon…)


The project

Stories to give courage is the first creation of the company A Part of the Whole. Our desire is to put poetry, fantasy and dream in the heart of our lives.


This show for all kind of audiences was created to bring a vision of what is possible and encourage the spectator to turn his eyes to the beauty of the world. It consists of seven stories told by puppets, shadows and a human being. The characters are crazy enough to believe in their dreams, and so people around them no longer have any choice but to believe as well: a lonely man who builds a lighthouse in the desert despite the taunts of his entourage, a father who is trying to learn to fly to his daughter, a rabbi who has the power to grant wishes of other once a year, a young adventurer decided to discover the unknown island, an eagle that everyone takes for a chicken, a cow filled but worried about its future, a man who seeks the truth without realizing that he has already found it. All these stories tell us that our dreams are waiting for us to achieve.





Stories to give courage was created in October 2013 in a tiny stone cellar of the 10th arrondissement of Paris, without scenery nor lights. This show where speech stands alone to convince receives a very warm welcome from the public and begins to interest theaters. But to migrate to a real plateau, a new phase of work will start for our team: a creative residency for scenography and stage lights. This residence will allow us to achieve the film of our show, essential to any programming.






Writing, directing and play



Assistant staging, sound and light control



Advisor in magic

Olivier GRIM alias Magestic


Lighting design

Xavier BRAVIN et Patricia LUIS-RAVELO



Nathalie BENTOLILA et Laurent SINDRES





Film capture and editing



Production manager



Special thanks to Jean-Luc TARTERA et Théâtre de Chair






Why fund it?

All participants of this project are experienced artists but the company itself was created last year and it receives no subsidy for the moment. Despite this, we are committed to pay the work of creation, so the money will serve 100% to pay the artists involved in this new phase of work.


- Lighting and stage designer

- Film director

- Actress / stage director

- Assistant staging / sound and light control





The budget that we ask is 50% of the total budget of our residence. Other costs are the purchase of materials for scenography, room rental, purchase of technical equipment, as well as prepared-with-love counterparts for the kissbankers…








A Part of the Whole

The theater and dance company A Part of the Whole was created around the collaboration of Nathalie Bentolila (artistic direction), performing artist, and Laurent Sindrès (production management). Nathalie Bentolila started performing on stage at the age of 14 with Ruth Handlen from the Royal Shakespeare Company, and studied with the great names of... See more

Newest comments

Coucou ! C'est la chamelle !!! J'ai mis du temps à revenir du désert. Mais ça y est je suis de nouveau en ville et je suis très heureuse de pouvoir rapporter quelques grains de sables à votre beau projet qui nous donne du courage:-). Plein de bizzzzzzzzzzz. Karine
C'est un spectacle extraordinaire, fait par un femme qui ne l'est pas moins... Que de talents réunis...
Un spectacle magique qui réchauffe le coeur !