Take part in the HOI pots first edition, an unexpected and original way to enliven your shelves.


The project

You feel like your books and magazines clutter up your shelves...

The latter lack greenery ?

But there is no more space left for plants anyway ?


Supercraft proposes an original and unexpected solution to enliven those bookshelves of yours thanks to the Hoi series.




« All bookshelves look alike and are quickly hoarded with books. Hence, here is no more room available for some greenery to brighten them up... »

The idea of HOI sprung from that assessment.


« Our aim is simple : to adorn books with the presence of green plants which can be gripped onto the edge of a shelf, in a fashion which mimicks the way some plants do on trees or walls in their natural environment. »



What is Hoi?


HOI, then, is a range of ceramic pots which cling to your shelves and give them a whole new aspect. 3 types of pots are available at the moment and can be mixed or matched according to your mood. Plain self-sticking cork pads coming in various thicknesses enable an easy grip to any bookshelf size, while protecting them from unwanted scratches.

The pots adapt to many shelf thicknesses: from 18mm to 25mm.







« Thanks to HOI, plants stand out, overhang and create small interior landscapes. »






HOI is not just a flower pot !...


It is an inspiring objet which remains to be appropriated and adapted to flag up your interior with your own creativity.




By who?


HOI stems from Supercraft's imagination, a studio which arose from the collusion bonding Romain Chauveau (30) and Young-Paul Jo (26), even before they graduated from École Camondo (leading Design & Architecture School in France)


Their usual playgrounds range from object to interior designing and give a great deal of attention to the vegetal kingdom under Romain's influence and landscape architect's education.


Their will is to create objects tinged with their common identity as much as with their personal inspirations.

Setting high standards for themselves and endowed with an enquiring mind, they wish to be involved in every step of the process which will lead to the final object.

From the first sketches to its manufacture and marketing, they pay a sharp attention to every step in the process.




If you opt for giving a helping hand to Supercraft, you will help Young-Paul and Romain see their first object design come to life and in the process give your shelves their first touch of « Green »!


And for those of you who are a little curious, here is a bonus: know that HOI means 'blossoming' in Korean, a coining used as a nod to Young-Paul's origins and to Supercraft's first creation.

Why fund it?

It will make it possible for Supercraft to lauch its production of the HOI series (3x200 items for the first edition).



The minimum to reach (€6000) will help Supercraft finance :

- The detailed study (3D imaging and 3D printing of the various models) and the product development with the manufacturer.

- The making of the production tools (matrix mould object, moulds, die cutter for the cork pads).

- Communication (photos and packaging study)

- Miscellaneous (research, transfers and shippings)



If with your help, Supercraft passes the threshold :

- They will launch a second edition

- They will develop a digital marketing campaign to boost online sales on their site

- They will start developping their second project (NUVEM, visible on  www.supercraft-studio.com)






Photos Credits © Amaury Laparra



Shipping fees:

For overseas shippings, thank you for adding the amount corresponding to your country to the funding you chose.



Supercraft studio est né de la complicité entre Romain Chauveau (1984) et Young-Paul Jo (1988), diplômés de l’école Camondo en juin 2013. Leurs terrains de jeu vont de l’objet à l’architecture intérieure. Depuis sa création, le studio collabore régulièrement avec Maison & Objet, en signant quelques scénographies dont le Café ELLE Déco en... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Comment le pot s'adapte aux différentes épaisseurs d'étagère?

Des patins en liège autocollants permettent d'ajuster la mâchoire de leur pince à toutes les épaisseurs d'étagères, tout en les protégeant des éraflures.

Les pots s'adaptent sur plusieurs étagères, de 18mm jusqu'au 25mm.

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