Hold your Horses ! is a band that is full of love. After two EPs, we are getting ready to record our first LP. For that we need your help!


The project




We’re Hold Your Horses! a polyphonic pop band from Paris. We’re on a mission to record our first studio album.


For this we need your help.






Up until now, we’ve remained independent and unsigned. Rather than wait for a record deal, we want to move forward on our own… But making an album is expensive. You may not know it, but there’s wide range of costs that add up quickly. We’re going to record in July in a wonderful studio called Mikrokosm in Lyon.




On top of the cost of actually recording, we need to practice and pay for transportation. After that comes the tricky and expensive mixing and mastering phase. Then we have to press our album onto CDs and vinyls and pay for complicated sounding things like “mechanical reproduction rights”. Last, but not least, we want to hire a press agent to promote our album and help spread the love.


We’ve done the math and all this will cost us upwards of 12,000€ (or roughly $15,000)


We’ve already saved up some money…but we want this album (our first) to be the best in the world…




We need to raise 10,000 €.




Any donation big or small will be greatly appreciated. By donating, you help us…but you’re also a winner! Check out the sidebar on the right to see the gifts and goodies we’ll give you in exchange including pre-ordering our album! Just think: you’ll have our music before everybody else! If by some miracle we raise more than our target, the CD will look even better and we might even be able to make a new music video, so don’t hesitate to keep on giving!


Thanks a lot for your support!


We really appreciate it!



Hold Your Horses!

Why fund it?


The funds we manage to gather thanks to you will be used for many, many things…


To record a beautiful album:


Renting the studio in Lyon – 5 010 €

Transport to Lyon – 400 €

Additional recording in our living rooms – 1200 €

Mastering the album – 500 €


To deliver a beautiful object to you:


Pressing 500 CDs – 820 €

Pressing 200 vinyls – 1 000 €

Mechanical Reproduction Rights – 394 €

A beautiful artwork – 300 €

Postage costs to send you your rewards – 200 €


And to lend a successful life to our brainchild:


PR efforts – 800 €

A new video – 1 000 €


We also need to factor in Kiss Kiss Bank Bank’s 8% commission: 800 €


Man that’s a lot of dinero! 

Hold Your Horses!

For the past three years, Hold your Horses! have been spreading their fireworks in Paris and beyond. Mixing a definitely rock basis with classical arrangements of cello, violin, clarinet, trumpets and keys, marrying a feminine and a masculine voice, this clan composes and plays tense and beautiful pop music. A Hold your Horses! concert is a wall of... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Les frais de port pour les disques sont ils inclus dans la donation?

Si vous commandez le cd ou le vinyle via une donation,
les frais de port sont inclus dans votre don. Vous n'aurez rien à payer en plus pour recevoir votre lot!

+ Are shipping costs included if I buy the cd or vinyl here?

Yes! You won't have to pay any additionnal fee to receive the vinyl or the cd.
The price you pay includes shipping costs no matter where you live.

+ Quand recevrais je mes contreparties?

Les contreparties seront envoyées si la collecte fonctionne!
-Pour tous les lots ne concernant pas le nouvel album, ils seront envoyés cet été. Nous vous contacterons individuellement.
- Pour les lots en lien avec le nouvel album, ils seront envoyés dès que celui ci sera prêt, soit fin 2013-début 2014. Vous recevrez notre disque avant tout le monde!

+ When will I receive my rewards?

First, you will receive your rewards if the funding is successful! Otherwise you will be refunded.

-For all rewards that do not feature the new album, they will be sent this summer after the funding. You will get an individual email to sort out the details.

-For all rewards that feature the new album, we will send them when the record is finished, at the end of the year or the beginning of 2014. We will keep you posted!

+ Quand l'album sera t il terminé?

Nous enregistrons une partie début juillet au studio Mikrokosm à Lyon, puis d'autres pistes à Paris. Ensuite il sera mixé au studio Mikrokosm à l'automne, puis masterisé et préssé sur CD et vinyls.
Il devrait sortir début 2014 et vous le recevrez avant tout le monde!!

+ When the album will be finished?

We'll record basic tracks in Lyon. Then we'll add other tracks in paris, then back to Lyon to have it mixed. After the mastering phase it will be pressed on vinyls and CDs. It should be out at the end of the year or at the beginning of 2014!

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