We are three students from La Rochelle Business School and our project is to built two schools in Jaipur's slums.


The project

We are three students from La Rochelle Business School and we are going to present you the Indian housing project we are planning to dedicate 3 months of our summer holidays  from June 2014.  


We are going to help building two schools in Jaipur's slums: one for girls and one for boys. The Indian government gave a 800m2 field to TAABAR NGO to build those schools. The building will last two weeks.


After those two weeks, we're going to teach in girls school in Jaipur to share with them our knowledge in English, French and different kind of arts from Western countries. It will also be for us a way to learn from them and their culture. 


Our team:













Here is a presentation of the NGO TAABAR for which we make the housing project:



Why fund it?

The project needs a total of €13,000. We need €2,100 for the three of us. The daily costs will be paid by BODYSHOP Foundation GB.

The children from the slums will also have the opportunity to access to studies, and consequently to other values ans they will have a safer future.

The concrete will be poured in April. So we shouldn't waste time to buy all the equipment needed for the construction.


Here's the field for the next school



Hello, my name is Fanny Hamonet. I'm a student in La Rochelle Business School. In the previous years, I did a Higher National Certificate of International Business. This housing project is dear to my heart. Having the opportunity to do something good in our lives isn't rare, but thinking that we will help young people having access to an education is... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ A quoi servira l'argent?

L'argent servira principalement aux matières premières de la construction: Ciment, parpaing, peinture etc.