"We really wanna do it with you!" With your help! Help build the brand new Humph clip!


The project

Humph you all!




Okay so basically here I have to convince you to help us turn the video "I really wanna do it with you!" into the most famous song of Humph, famous throughout the Périgord.


Step 1  





If the song pleases you go to step 2

Otherwise, go to step 2   


Step 2  


In fact even if you find the song not great, there is great stuff to do!                                                        

- To be a Patron or kissbanker  



above: a patron


Basically you give us money and we pay you beer, champagne and cigars.


- To be a Volunteer



above : a volunteer promoting the first Humph EP  


You work and we will pay you beers and sandwiches.  


And in fact that's all, but volunteer category is super wide, and more with the patron/ volunteer accumulated it's an exponential thing !      


By the way for this clip we need you all: 

· To make a big show, a big party

· To create a fake group factory

· To help us convince all the other groups to get packed as meat !!!!

· To make a 2nd big party in a forest transformed into a discharge of bands !!!  


We need your talent, your generosity!  


Step 3  


Have a coffee break!




Step 4


Get to know the Humph!




Well, actually this story is not super original, but based on real facts.  


We are 3 music fans and our parents made the mistake of putting us instruments in the hands rather than sending us to gym.  


We meet in a garage in 2011 and since then it feels really good to play together.  

Seeing that as contagious pleasure, ever since we do our best to produce good sound, good videos and more importantly, to share with you on stage.  


This clip would expand the project and we will (hopefully) help us to play more and more and again and again. 


Picture above from left to right: DE MOURA Jorge (guitar, vocals), Vivian GUILLERMIN (drums), George BOREL (bass).            


Step 5  


Become a humpheur  


How do you like it? you want to know more ?

Go here and find all the necessary clues to get to know us better. 


Anyway whatever happens, thank you for reading, you are great.  


Step 6


The video clip story    


In 2017 the CD's have totally disappeared and musicians are sold like any product. In this context, a young girl, Lucy buys the HUMPH for a party. The evening is going well until Humph decide to never stop playing. Lucie's life quickly becomes unbearable, with the Humph saturating her ears with high decibels at any time. Exhausted, she finally abandon them in the forest where they find a tribe of musicians thrown away too. All these people form an independent community of musicians, away from the traditional music market.


Why fund it?

What's the money for ?


Kisskissbankbank advises me to be clear and transparent to be credible, I propose you a little "True or False" game:


- The funding will finance hair implants for Madame Hutchoum

- The funding will be used to pay the rental of equipment and materials, technicians and techinicals necessary to the success of this venture 

- The funding will be used to pay fines from Jorge DE MOURA

- The funding will be used to finance the crazy project of George Borel to buy the company "Hennaf"

- The funding will be used to remaster the track

- The funding will be used to pay salads and sandwiches

- The funding will allow the Humph to make an album under acid

- The funding will make a musical and original video

- The funding will let you burst out (in any sense of the term)

- The funding will allow Vivian GUILLERMIN to get the full Alpha Blondi vinyl discography


Humph is a rock trio that makes music. They have instruments and sing since forever, so they had plenty of time to train because forever was a long time ago ! Now they have two discs and all the people I know who know them say it's really good! Soon they will have 3 discs and a super clip

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Chers Humpheurs, nous avons énormément de retard sur les goodies mais on y travail durement. Pour ceux et celles qui souhaites déjà juste le cd HUMPHACTORY je vous invite à nous laisser vos adresses postales sur dzobelhumph@gmail.com. Plein de merveilleux dessins sont en préparation pour vos t-shirt ! On vous tiens au jus aussi sur https://www.facebook.com/dzobelhumph/
Salut, je n'ai jamais reçu le CD... Y a eu une couille ?
Un groupe plein de talents! Diverses influences, morceaux bien construits, une énergie communicative. On est tout de suite transportés. Ces trois virtuoses méritent de réussir!