How much water do you think you used during your last shower ? Saving water is no more than playing, playing with color lights


The project


The heart of the product is a shower head that indicates the number of litres of used water, in real time, having fun.





Hydrao lights the shower with different colors according to the water used, to encourage you to limit the consumption without any other action.



At the same time staying simple and affordable, Hydrao is a shower head like any other and can be plugged easily in your bathroom.





In order to stay totally ecological, the product doesn't need any battery!  The lighting of the LEDs and the electronic chipset are taking the power from the water flow to operate (micro hydroelectric mill).






Having watched at the movie "A thirsty world"  from Yann Arthus-Bertrand, we decided to do something at our level and save tap water at our own home.







We are all knowing perfectly that it is much more efficient to reduce our ecological footprint by acting thanks to encouragement and education rather that coercion.

With Hydrao you will have fun, that's the ideal tool to teach the whole family, particularly  young children, without any shouting...






One shower 80 litres of water (for a 5 minutes shower, on average), 200g of produced CO2 (electric heating) or 2 kg of produced CO2 (gaz or fuel heating) and 0.50 € (0.25 € for water, 0.25 € for heating)






Above the "savings for the planet", the resulting cost (water and heating) at home should encourage you as well. A family of 4 people could save 250 € per year (and thus make your investment quickly profitable!)




(*) for an average cost of water and energy in France in 2014 and assuming that everybody is taking a daily shower, with a target of 55 litres instead of a usual 80 litres.


You can calculate your accurate potential savings corresponding to your case, here.




A version of the product is "connected" (bluetooth). An app allows you to take control with your smartphone.




As example, changing thresholds and colors is imaginable:



Record yours progress, your best score and your savings :





A patent is pending, the principle can be used by several other applications, particularly for hotels or public equipments





Hydra is a small island of the Egean sea. We made a trip overthere when we were students. We were amazed by the fact that water was very rare. Every day a water tanker is bringing water for hotels and tourists showers.














   Gabriel DM., Hydrao project founder, with 4 daughter, he knows a lot about spending too much time in the bathroom at home !

Telecom engineer, he decided to offer  his creatitivity, his skills in electronics and internet of things to sustainable development.





   Didier, co-founder, responsible of an engineers team in ST Microelectronics, is taking in charge the manufacturing and sub-contractors.





   Stéphane, responsible of the foundation "Défi sport" (Sport for disabled children and young adults), has specified the product and its improvements, particularly the new apps for iOS and Android.





   Emmanuel, engineer responsible of system validation in ST Microelectronics, is the technical expert of the Hydrao project. He developped and validated the prototypes.



















Why fund it?

Now we have our first manufacturing prototype, our next step is the manufacturing of the product.


We decided to privilege the european industry with a french crowdfunding platform and a french company: Eolane.

Eolane is located in the Maurienne valley (Alps) and recruits localy mainly women (working with electronics).




Our project is "eco-friendly" and must stay "ethic" as well !


To stay affordable, it is needed to launch a minimum order of 300 showerheads.

We are considering, in the presented budget, a layout update or a mecanical issue to solve.


300 smart showerheads manufacturing cost:             9000 €

First Hydrao app development cost:                           2000 €

Electronic or mecanical manufacturing file update:     3000 €

Crowdfunding platform (KKBB) et credit card cost:    1000 €

_________________________         _______________________

Total:                                                                         15000 €




Now, we need you ! If you make a donation, and that the total amount funded reaches 15000 € (if unfortunately, it is not the case, you will be totally refunded), we will keep you aware and we commit to provide the following rewards.





Gabriel DM

If I could validate, with your contribution, that an idea can go far, up to industrial manufacturing, even without any privilege ... We could then hope again that a tremendous potential is to be exploited, today unused in our head, in your head !

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Can I replace my own shower head device with hydrao ?

Yes, assembly is totally standard, just screw Hydrao on standard shower hose

+ Do we need a smartphone to use hydrao ?

No, the basic version is simple and made for all. No skill is required. It has pre-programmed thresholds: flashing red at 50 litres. No need to program anything with a smartphone.
Bluetooth Version is different. It allows more possibilities such as changing colors or thresholds and monitoring consumption on a smartphone.

+ When Hydrao will be available ?

As soon as the crowdfunding campaign is finished we will launch manufacturing.
The critical path is the supply of the electronic chips as it can take up to 22 weeks. We still keep the objective to deliver the products before the end of march 2015

+ Is the same device covering both versions ?

No, there are 2 different products: a basic version without bluetooth and a “connected” version including bluetooth chips to customize the product thanks to a smartphone.

+ What is the life time of Hydrao ?

As any other shower head (wear, scaling, …)

+ Do you need a battery to run Hydrao

No, Hydrao is definitely autonomous. No battery needed.

+ Will hydrao be shipped abroad (outside France)?

Yes, we will use a partner that offers this possibility (We will try our best to offer the shipment cost if not too much specific)

+ Does Hydrao come with a warranty ?

In this first crowdfunding phase, there is no after sales service. This will be set up, according to the legal obligations, as soon as we have started commercialization.

+ At what distance can you control hydrao with smartphone?

In this first product, we use the standard bluetooth communication, which works up to a few meters range

+ Can we control Hydrao through Wifi?

Not yet, a future version using Wifi and working with a longer range can be imagined (but the issue of power consumption will need to be addressed due to absence of battery)

+ Are the apps free ?

Yes, the first applications can be downloaded for free (IOS and Android)

+ What kind of apps are already avaible ?

Up to now, only basic versions are under development (choice of thresholds and colors, consumption report). If the demand for the connected version is high (during crowdfunding), we will use the funds raised to develop others

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