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Help us to turn Hypno5e’s third full length album into reality this fall! Let’s embark onto another hypnotic journey!


The project


For our third album we have thought of something special for our fans and want to go a step further and in order to do so we require your help! While we recorded and did everything ourselves on the previous releases we want to produce a top nudge release this year and get awesome professionals involved this time. You can be part of this amazing project! Here we will keep you updated and inform you about the whole process in creating the new album.


If you choose to support us, we want express our immense gratitude to you in return and thus have thought of some special thank you treats for you. Any support small or big is extremely welcome!!






This is who we are: Cédric Pages, Jonathan Maurois, Théo Bégue, Emmanuel Jessua.

Hypno5e was created in 2004. .


"The band was built as the result of two passions I had, music and cinema. I could not picture images without music, and each music produced an image in me. The kind of the music I wanted to do was some kind of original score for an imaginary movie, built on memories and souvenirs. Inspiration came from a need to translate my youthful years in Bolivia into music and using that like a journal, the musical transposition of a deep melancholia I felt. After finding the right people sharing this vision, a genre defining band came to light."  

Emmanuel Jessua


Today Hypno5e are reckoned pioneers of French cinematic metal fusing a unique blend of ambient spheres and progressive metal with South American influences.


Why fund it?


While we are already covering a big part of the cost for producing the new record ourselves, your support will help us to finance the following: 


- Professional Mix 

- Professional Master

-  SDRM  

-  Record Pressing 

-  Promotion national/international


As the first two albums (Des Deux L'Une Est L'Autre & Acid Mist Tomorrow) have been sold out, any remaining funds will go into repressing both records.


Thank you for your support! Let’s do it!





With their 2nd studio album “Acid Mist tomorrow”, French metal experimentalists HYPNO5E create a unique musical realm. You could call it “ambient metal” or “fusion metal”, but most of the terms used to describe the more experimental side of modern metal would not do the band justice. There is the airy playfulness of modern day’s CYNIC in their... See more

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February 19 2016 .. the wait is over or not? :)
Hey there guys, really excited for this, but I was wondering what the status of this project is?
Bonjour, Qu'en est-il des contreparties de ce projet ? Pourra-t-on bénéficier des invitations pour votre tournée de ce début d'année ? Quid du concert exclusif pour les kiss bankers ? Merci :)