The project

A Photo Festival shows hundred of strong pictures close to the eye. Photojournalism is that way of showing reality and building a story from a serial of instant shots within a situation.

In France, we have the chance to attend « Visa pour l'Image » in Perpignan and discover all this work worldwide. In Asia, photojournalism does not exist, photography is barely recognized as a job.


We attended the Angkor Photo & workshops festival and we have spot the camera at the heart of activites, exchanges, exhibitions, workshops,… We discovered the astounding energy and benevolent curiosity of promotors, photographers, students, volunteers, visitors…


The Angkor Photo Festival takes place each year during 8 days in december, in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Allowing stars of photojournalism to stand along and meet with students and visitors. The event calls many visitors. Its has been invented and held by protagonists coming from various continents, all of them loving photography.

Through testimonies from founders, volunteers, photographers, we can understand the way its works spontaneously in a free sharing attitude.


Our documentary movie, 50 minutes long, just dive into their universe, their common passion on images, and why, every year, the show goes on, Cambodia and Angkor temples on the background of the stories.


Why fund it?

The movie project has been set up without producers, just instinctively, in a newspaper report way on a hot topic ! One of the author was going there to be volunteer, the other said «Im coming with you, bringing my camera... ». The video NGO « Champcontrechamp » gave a little help, bankrolling two flight tickets for film maker Valérie and her assistant.

The shooting took place in december 2014 during the whole event. To achieve a 52 minutes movie, it took us hours and hours of walking, talking, exchanging, then editing the HD version.. Authors have worked on personal equities.


In order to achive a quality product, we now must point the technical dimension of post-production. We must pay for sound mixing, color corrections, translation and sub-titling of a dozen interviews for an international version.


Here under is what we need to achieve the movie :


Color corrections : 1200 €

Sound mixing : 1000 €

Translation and sub-titling integration : 1600 €


Making 3800 euros to finish the job properly.


Afterwards, we want to present the movie in various Festivals where people intend to see independant productions talking about human, culture, travel, network, friendship : all adventures we love !


Would you help us to achieve ? The movie is worth it, believe us.

Valérie Bonniol/Sylvie De Ridder

Valérie Bonniol, film maker for 15 years. Wearing as well the artistic and technical cap. Working mainly for NGO, she went to Tchad or Benin, following volunteers on big operations as a movie journalist. She now works with a very handy Canon digital video camera. She just finished the editing of a 26 mns documentary about an experimental experience with... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Why this topic ?

Its coming from an old friendship. And a huge admiration for people who have the energy to carry their projects and dreams until the end !

30 years ago, Sylvie used to work along with Françoise Callier. They stayed tuned by social networks... Françoise came to Cambodia in 2007 and joined the Festival team. Sylvie came to visit her in 2011 and was so happily suprised she decided to come back as soon as possible. The possible went on 2014.

Valerie is a close friend to Sylvie. When hearing about the whole thing she decided to come and shoot the Festival and its protagonists, with Sylvie.

In december 2014, they flew to Siem Reap with 2 cameras, one assistant, and zéro préjugé.

+ Why no producer ?

Because we made it upside down, with the heart first.
We are two freelancers used to work on commercial pre-order. We had no order here, we only knew we had the strong feeling to dot it, and the means to do it ourselves. Decision was taken only a couple of weeks before the Festival. It was too late to look for a producer.
And afterwards, it is really difficult to find a producer when the product is made.
We took the risk. And it is exactly why we now need Kissbankers to support the achievement of the movie, on the post production side.

Now, if by the way a producer here is interested by our work, please feel free ton contact us :-), nothing 's closed.

+ Will the movie be on TV ?

Not many chances to. TV buy programs contents mainly to producers, not to authors. Unless a producer shows up and buy our movie to sell it to Tv companies, this movie will have its own life on festivals, living events, more than on TV channels.
If you want to see the movie, your main chance is to be a co-producer here with KKBB and get the VOD link !

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