Finance the printing of my release of the Jeu de Tarots de Marseille!


The project


My name is Vanessa Rossier,


Having completed my studies at the school of Arts Appliqués (appli es arts) in Geneva, I would like to show you one of my projects.


I re-designed the entire cards lot of Tarots de Marseille. Here you can see several of the first cards, named Majors, in order to give you an idea of the final result! As you can see, the whole set of Tarot cards are drawn using  the Aquarelle technique.


Therefore, in order for me to be able to finance the printing of this Jeu de Tarots de Marseille, I’m looking for your great help!


In advance, to all the future contributors of my project, I want to thank you so much!





Why fund it?

Your contribution will  allow me, I hope, to order the printing of my jeu de Tarots and then to share it with you.


The first stage  is to print at least 50 copies and more depending of your interest.


The costs are for the conception of a box with a specialist (1'200 euros) and of course of the printing on a high quality paper, which should develop the value  of my Aquarelle designs (700 euros), and finally one part for the shipping (350 euros forecasted).


More contributions will allow more copies of the Jeu de Tarots.



Swiss Landscape Resources

Hi, My name is Vanessa Rossier, I have completed my studies at the school of Arts Appliqués (appli es arts) in Geneva. My main activity is Mountains photographer. I manage and feed an Internet platform for concept artists (like Matte painters), named SLR ((Swiss Landscape Resources): photos of Swiss mountains, towns and campaigns.