Help us to make " INTISHINE ." A brand of urban shoes with a touch of history and originality from another continent


The project


« INTISHINE ». An encounter between two worlds. Urban shoes with a touch of history and exotic origins from another continent.


The name INTISHINE is composed of two words. INTI in quechua language means Sun which is the most important god as well as the origin of humanity in the Inca culture, and Shine.


INTISHINE represents the desire to promote worldwide this ancient culture through fashion. 





The wide cultural variety within Peru (Chavin, Moche, Paracas, Nasca, Chachapoyas et Inca) together with the geological richness (coastline, Amazon basin and Mountains) mixed with historical Spanish influence results in a real melting pot of cultures







Taking this aspect as starting point we created comfortable urban shoes made of fabrics from the Andes and decorated with Inca and pre-Inca symbols and motifs.


Help us to fulfil our objective……a new kind of shoe for this summer.




We would like to introduce INTISHINE to the rest of the world. A shoe made in Peru, by Peruvians, with Peruvian fabrics and a Peruvian vision.



Our manufacturing operation is located in the poor area of Carabyllo, north of Lima, where we employ local shoemakers.


Our shoes are made entirely out of local products. The textiles are made in the Cusco area and the shoelaces are made from Peruvian cotton. The sole is made from PVC.






At INTISHINE we believe we don’t inherit the world from our parents, but we merely safe guard it to pass it on to our children. INTISHINE therefore supports the NGO ARBIO which objective is to preserve the rainforest, the lungs of our planet. With the purchase of a pair of INTISHINE shoes you support ARBIO in its quest and you will receive a certificate for the preservation of 50m2 of rainforest.



Partner «  ARBIO »Aribio-1427812075


ARBIO was founded in 2010 with the aim to preserve the local rainforest. Arbio works on an area of 916 has of Amazonian forest (9.16 km2), obtained through a concession contract granted by the Peruvian government. Arbio works in association with a neighbor land owner who was also granted by the government with 724 has. (7.24 km2). Both areas are the basis for the development of our project. This project consists of:

-          permanent presence in the rainforest for protection

-          research in local flora and fauna and the cultivation of medicinal plants

-          Collaboration with the local communities


INTISHINE represents the desire to protect out historical culture and environment through our love of our “Pachamama”, born in Peru and felt all over the planet.




Italo Vasquez


My name is Italo Vasquez, my parents are Margarita and Humberto and I’m the 9th child of a large family. I grew up in Peru without any major problem except for earthquakes and economic crisis which are quite common in my dear country. As time passed, I developed an interest for my grandfather’s activity. He was a very skilled shoemaker. The smell of leather and new shoes has apparently grown on me and led me, years later, to want to show my love for people and for my culture, though colourful shoes. 


I started my professional career as a mining engineer which led me very often to visit the mines situated at more than 3200 meters altitude in the Peruvian Andes. During these trips I was very lucky learn about and to live the different customs of very retired communities. It was during this period that I identified a very deep need to orientate my life towards something more precious, more interesting, something that will last and have a positive impact in preserving lives and customs of the Andes inhabitants of my country. Both my wife and my daughter are dedicated to the development of INTISHINE. 


Bertrand Muller


During a lifetime one meets people, lives situations that are never to be forgotten and that surely shape ones future. One of these was my meeting with a guide in Cuzco in my early twenties, the other was a very well known cartoon called “Les Cités d’or” (the Golden Cities) that I watched as a kid every Wednesday afternoon. It was about a young boy called Esteban in the 17th century that travelled through Peru seeking for Golden cities and hunted by Spanish conquistadors. Both contributed in my love for Peru. 


My profession is Travel Agent and I worked for various important travel agencies in Switzerland which gave me the opportunity to travel all other the world. One of these travels was a long trip through the Americas which finished in Peru. I decided stay there. A quick trip back to Switzerland to organize my emigration and since 2000 I’m living in Peru where I opened a travel agency. Since then I have worked with many Swiss and French tour operators and travel agencies. 


Now that my activity has grown and is stable I have time for new projects. 


As a matter of fact I have always loved Peruvian craft and, once again in my life I met a person, Italo, with whom I’m presenting you this new project and beautiful shoes. 



Why fund it?

To offer our products to the world around us we need to:

- The creation of an attractive online shop, but also by powerful configuration and optimization, and where it will be possible to choose your own fabric and its own model to be make a unique pair of shoes. euro800.00

- Save some of our exclusive patterned INDECOPI has to avoid being copied.euro300.00

- To ensure that our customers have come to our local productions (around 1:30 downtown Lima), rent a commercial space in a tourist area of ​​Lima in order to receive our customers and sell our products as a showroom (for 03 months): 3000.00 euro

- Development of our local 1000.00 euro

- Make a collection of about 100 pair for presentations in our store: 2500.00 euro

- Make our registration to be partner of PERU mark with the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism. 400 euro

If because of you we are able to exceed the targets,


We can have more peace for the rental of our commercial premises (it takes 1000 euro per month, we will buy us two machines to a bending machine and a machine to double for 5000 euro or 02 machines, is to Italy in June from 14 to 16 for the Expo Riva Schuh exhibition to present our modeling.

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