The project

INTRAMUROS Is a photographic project that aims to compare two opposite worlds :




                                    the intimacy of everyday life and the anonymity of cities




- It is to stage domestic actions (shave, wash the floor, iron, toileting, crafts ...) and integrate them into the urban landscape, streets, and more specifically the city of Lyon .


- The second meaning of the project is to show two images of the same scene by two different photographers.






Need you :

We need funding to make prints and allow the exhibition to take physical form in various exhibition places.



The Photographers :

Two childhood friends from the 90s, birthplace of digital development and the "I want everything and I want it right now" generation,... we found  with a common passion: photography.



Project history: One day in 2011 ...

A hip-hop band needed images for their new album. Eric  stage our star model, poses with some accessories to the Bugey's powerplant.

Later ... At the sight of this picture, the two photographers imagined what it could give with all the scenes of everyday life, but... outside.

Another day, our model says:   "It's fine to talk about it, but now WE DO IT!"

The project was born ...






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Why fund it?

  The funds will be used for development: - 8 images in large high quality format 60x90. - The best selection of our images, size 40x60 + frames A budget is allocated to the opening of the exhibition. Your participation is valuable, you are the show! (This is not a little patronizing this?)


Riquet & Le Jules

1979 births. 1985 Release of Super Mario Bros. 1992 Meeting gaming Homecoming 2007 Lyon: You like photography ? Naaaan! Me too! 2010 Our friend "Dude" pose in front of the Bugey nuclear power plant. The project was born. 2012/2013: Shooting! 2014: The cover image of Intramuros will be exposed to Nantes (photo festival... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ On what media will be print the 60x90 pictures ?

This is a high quality photo printing, mat, against bonded aluminum with integrated wall suspensions.

+ What will be the quality of 40x60 frames?

These are basic frames, the prints will be on fine-art paper mat.

+ How to choose my image before printing?

A web link will be sent.
You can choose from the 40ne images of the project.

+ How to recover my item ?

It will be sent by mail.
Or hand in hand if you want to meet us! ;)

+ I do not live in Lyon, how to arrange a portrait session?

The shooting will take place in Lyon on a periphery of 30km.
For greater distance, thank you predict our expenses or visit us on site.

+ For a "portrait": Can we take a picture of my daughter and frame it instead ?

Yes no problem for all sizes.
Ask your requests !

+ Prints are limited?

The 60x90 prints are limited to 30 copies per image.

+ I would like to learn photography is it possible ?

Of course, take the 55€ gift and ask us by wail.

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Beau projet , je suis ravie de le soutenir
Merci ! Le plaisir, c'est un bon vecteur de projet :)
Bon courage dans la folle aventure les gars, que le plaisir soit le mot d'ordre!