Participate in our first photo exhibition, Invisible.


The project


Invisible is a project for a photo exhibition aiming at revealing how we cast our eyes on and our sensitivity to what surrounds us. Through two distinct and complementary universes, we invite you to participate in the elaboration of this project.  

Your participation is precious.

Help us to produce the prints and to pay the gallery rental.  


From 20 to 23 June 2014, La Galerie, situated in the heart of Brussels in the Marolles neighborhood, will open its doors to welcome you to this moment of evasion.



Why an exhibition?


Photography is for us a method of expression which reserves a preponderant place for each moment. It often becomes a necessity, as we stroll about, like a sketch of our perceptions of the world.

Born from a common desire to share our images with the public, the idea of the exhibition became obvious. It permits the spectator to delve directly into our universe and to roam within a particular setting. It is also an opportunity to meet, share and exchange information about  our favorite themes.



In detail 


Invisible is the result of the meeting of two personalities working essentially on the feelings, the presentiments of our environment and on what cannot be clearly expressed. The selection of the photos we wish to exhibit will call on the imagination of the spectator.   



Through the eyes of Alexandra Baron


"A heap of gravel spread out randomly: the most beautiful world order" Heraclitus


Feel the city, reveal its sensitive side, call on the imagination …my photos contradict certain preconceptions that the city must be functional, controllable and rational. Sensorial catalysts, the photos express my perceptions as I wander in public space. Capturing familiar objects, I try to recreate a mental image which is invisible from daily city life. Fringe, abandoned, untidy, decaying neighborhoods, attract my attention. Following my explorations, I capture references, details, inviting the spectator to delve into his or her own souvenirs and experiences. In other words, these photos capture ordinary moments and insignificant moments. Removed from its context and put into a different order, they become protagonists of a story to reinvent, a motionless journey.    








Through the eyes of Laura Gaillard


The illusion when facing the visible, the reflection of a delusion. Entering into the intimacy of an unknown. Fixing an elusory glance, revealing the undefinable. Contemplating nature that gives life to what no longer exists. These suspended moments arouse the desire to ponder. Our imagination takes form from mystery like an awakened dream.     


















Why fund it?


It is the first time that we are going to expose our photos and we hope that you will enjoy it. The money raised will be used for the most part for 60 prints , and for the frames and renting the location . A small budget will be allocated for the organisation of the vernissage and the publicity.

If we raised more money than budgeted a book of the exhibition will be created.




Target Budget : 1500 €



Prints  60 photos : 750 €  (50%)


- Frames and pictures rails : 150€  (10%)


- Gallery rental : 300 €  (20%)


- IInvitations - Posters- Publicity  : 60€  (4%)


- Organisation du vernissage  : 75€  (5%)


- Fees KissKissBankBank + donateur's gift :165€   (8% +3%)








Alexandra Baron : "Since 2005, photography has continually accompanied me in my work. Firstly, during my cultural mediation and communication studies, I learned the basic techniques. Then, during my architectural studies, I developed the way I observed cities. Currently, as I begin my thesis in architecture and urban anthropology, photography is vital in... See more

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Florent, merci beaucoup pour ton soutien! On espère te voir le 21 juin!
Good luck !
Un immense merci à Nicolas, le patron d'Intercaves Maisons-Alfort pour sa contribution en bon vin pour notre vernissage. Cela va rendre cet évènement encore plus joyeux. En attendant, pour les parisiens, n'hésitez pas à aller faire un tour dans son magasin ; vous trouverez toutes les infos sur sa page Facebook :, et ici aussi : Il saura vous accueillir comme il se doit !