Cartel 29 : Le livre

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017
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The Cartel 29 presents his first book: more than 15 years of history on 416 pages and 1000 photos.

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Cartel 29 : Le livre

In 2014, Cartel 29 celebrates its fifteen years and the idea to retranscribe this adventure through a book was obvious for us.


Two working years were necessary: a whole year for the photo archive, and a second one for the design and the layout.


Today the book is finally ready to be print !


The book is divided into three big periods from 1999 to nowadays, which represent the main evolutions of the team, from Brest to Paris, Nantes, Cherbourg, Lyon ...


Each periods consist of photos - among which certain unpublished works - atmosphere, chromium, frescoes and some concepts.


We chose to publish our book through a crowdfunding to control the editorial line to the end.


For better tracking and quality, we chose to print the book in Brittany – France.


The book is in presale for 29€ only on KissKissBankBank. Then, it will be at 35€.


In addition to the book, we propose exclusives:


- T-shirt by Haribow

- Serigraphy by Moner

- Two differents prints by Wen2

- Pack of new stickers



If you have any questions : contact us !


If you are residing outside of France and would like counterparts in addition to the book (silkscreen prints, prints and t-shirt) thank you for contacting us!   If you are a professional and you are interested in spreading our book, contact us!



























Allocation of funds

The collection will only be used to print the books and to cover shipping costs.

In view of the estimate of the printers, we chose to leave on a minimum of 500 copies in order to lower the costs of production and to propose the book at a reasonable price.  

If the ceiling is exceeded, we will all just get more books!     Our approach is absolutely not mercantile, our aim is to share our archives and our history with as many people as possible.  


We count on your participation to make this book exist!


It is the Brest association of the Cartel 29 "Futur Shock" who will collect the collection and who will be responsible for paying the printer.

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