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Choclo Project : Free the creativity of the Mexican children.

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Project visual Choclo Project : Free the creativity of the Mexican children.
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015
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Help Choclo Project fund a charity trip to Mexico to set the children's creativity free through art and provide them with an education.

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Choclo Project : Free the creativity of the Mexican children.



Choclo Project is an ethical clothing brand that gives back to underprivileged children.


Creative Freedom is the driving force behind Choclo Project. We love the sense of freedom the children feel when they tap into their imagination and create art. We want our customers to feel the same sense of freedom when they wear our garments, so they too can express themselves without restriction. Every year we travel to Latin America to host creative workshops for poor and homeless children. The objective of these workshops is to nourish their creativity, teach them new artistic techniques and build their confidence. The art that the children create then becomes the inspiration for the graphics on our products. The money raised through the sale of these products is used to build classrooms and pay for their school fees, showing them the value of their own creativity.




The money raised through the sale of our last collection was able to pay for a year’s school fees, uniforms and books for the 18 ex-street children at Mundo de Niños, Peru. To discover how we are able to do this watch our  "a year in the making" video.



Today, Choclo Project needs your help to finance a trip to help the abandoned and homeless children of Misión México. Currently 20 million children live in poverty in Mexico. These children often come from dysfunctional families with major economic problems and as a result are far more likely to drop out of school, and are often victims of abuse and violence. Many of these children and adolescents end up living in the streets where they are exposed to drugs, alcohol and crime. In Mexico the streets are often run by the drug cartels making their chance of survival even more limited.





"The idea for the Choclo Project came during a surf trip to South America in 2008. While travelling and surfing along the Chilean and Peruvian coastline I was invited to visit an orphanage in Lima run by a friend of my Peruvian mother. Cristina explained to me how most of these children had been abandoned and some even left for dead in rubbish bins. Having grown up in Australia and having a wonderful childhood this was really hard to imagine and comprehend. Other than the unexplainable joy of the children what really struck me that day were their drawings that had been pinned up on a wall".


It was at this exact moment that Roland Wimbush realized that he had to do something. He decided to use 10 years of design expérience to create a brand that is not only organic and original, but also ethical. The goal of the brand is to provide these children with the education they deserve, thanks to their very own creativity. With the help of some friends Roland created the first collection, using the drawings of the children as inspiration, and organized a fundraiser which allowed him to collect more than 8000€ for Cristina and her children at Nuevo Futuro.







Not only are we focused on creating a sense of freedom for the children as they tap into their imagination and create art but we also want our customers to feel a sense of freedom when they wear our garments, so they too can express themselves without restriction. Even though our garments are essentially created for movement they are also adapted to wear around town, check the surf or just chill out at home. The versatility and comfort of our products also makes them ideal for travel, which is our other great passion.

Our products are either made from organic cotton, certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or recycled plastic bottles. At Choclo Project we are very conscious of the impact of the clothing industry on the environment that we love and appreciate so much. This is why we do our best to support independent cotton farmers, reduce our carbon footprint and have a close relationship with the people that produce our garments.







In 2013 we won the Brand Leader Award at the SOURCE AWARDS, a global event hosted by the Ethical Fashion Network.  Held at the House of Lords in London it draws together pioneering fashion businesses, press and key industry figures. The judging panel included: Dolly Jones, editor of Vogue.co.uk; Brigitte Steppitus, Head of Couture at Vivienne Westwood; Summer Rayne Oakes, social activist, eco-model and co-founder of Source4Style; Amber Valletta, American supermodel and sustainable fashion spokesperson. The Source Awards put the spotlight on the most innovative and inspirational businesses, individuals and initiatives in the fashion industry, from field to final product.


In 2012 we won the Social Awareness category of the ISPO Brand New Awards. ISPO is undoubtedly the biggest sports trade show in the world so to have them reward our work with this award is an tremendous honor. The competition aims to give young entrepreneurs and their products a stage where they can introduce themselves to the market. The Jury members come directly from the industry and not only judged us on the Humanitarian aspect but also the product itself in terms of both quality and appeal.







This summer we will travel to Mexico with a clear goal : to use art to transform the lives of the children at Misión México. By nourishing their creative skills, teaching them new artistic techniques and giving value to their work we will present art as a means to improving their situation, by providing them with an education. Aside from building their confidence and self-esteem through art we will also encourage their creativity and self-expression through surfing, skateboarding and yoga. These activities are not only vital in teaching them life skills but also improving their health and well-being. During these sessions they will be able to forget their past and simply enjoy the moment.


Freedom surrounds the Choclo Project. Obviously we are dedicated to providing the children we sponsor with the freedom to express themselves but we also strive to provide them with choices and opportunities






ROLAND WIMBUSH / founder and creative director of Choclo Project

ROLE: Coordinate the project. Manage the creative workshops and yoga sessions.


HENDRIK THUL / cameraman)

ROLE: Document the journey.


GEORGIA FISH / professional surfer and mentor for Choclo Project.

ROLE: Teach the children to surf and also educate the staff and children about nutrition (Georgia will meet us in Mexico after a surf competition in California. Georgia joined us on our last Mission in Peru).


TONY MARQAIS / sponsored skateboarder and skate teacher for children.

ROLE: Share his passion for skateboarding with the children, provide them with equipment and build a park so they can continue to practice.


Our primary goal is to encourage the creativity of the children in the centers we sponsor. We do this by turning their drawings into graphics on our products, which when sold help generate funds that go back to the centers to finance projects aimed at providing the children with a real education. Without the trip to Latin America each year, there would be no collection, and without the collection, no way of offering these children with the education they deserve so much.







-- Host creative workshops with the children. During the three week period the team will host a series of creative workshops with the children, allowing us to better understand their situation and teach them new artistic techniques. This concept not only gives the children a feeling of freedom as they tap into their imagination but could in time create a way out of their situation as a potential way to make a living.


-- Set up a local artist program.  We will set up a program with local artists who can continue to work with the children once we are gone. This way they can continue to grow on a creative level.


-- Brighten up the home of the children. We want to leave the children with a lasting reminder of the value of their creativity. We plan to create a Mural at Misión Mexico bringing life, color and art into their often dull and uninspiring home. This Mural is something that they can be proud of and show to visitors and family (for those that have one).


-- Provide a physical release through sport. Sport is a great way for the children to build confidence and learn important life values. It is also another way for them to express themselves and channel both energy and frustration. With the help of Georgia (surf), Tony (skate) and Roland (yoga) we will be able to offer the children a variety of fun and beneficial activities.


-- Provide the children with an education. Education is key to keeping the children off the streets and so is our main priority. Depending on the immediate needs of the Misión Mexico team we will decide on an educational project that needs financing. This will become the commercial objective of the sale of our collection.


-- Rebuild the children’s self esteem. The most rewarding part of this project by far is showing the samples to the kids. The drawings that they love to do now have value and when they see what has been done with them they feel special. They have real talent but in order for them to benefit from it, it needs to be nurtured and encouraged and this is the objective of the creative workshops that we do with them. When they hear that these products will be sold around the world it does amazing things for their self-confidence and they have a real feeling of accomplishment. If we can help get them to school and get a proper education in the process then we have achieved something.







Unfortunately, children suffer from poverty everywhere in the world. Mexico however is a very extreme case.


A recent study made by the UNO and Unicef revealed that Mexico poverty in Mexico mainly effects children and teenagers. 20 million children are victims of poverty, of which  5 millions are in very dire situations. In the “best cases” amongst the poor families, the children are put to work by their parents so that they can have an additional income for the family. But most of the time, children are left on the streets and approached by drug cartels to do their dirty work: the boys are recruited to be informants, drug couriers, weapon dealers, and even sometimes professional killers. The girls enter prostitution networks from a young age. Unicef has lost track of 73 000 minors in the country already.


This is why we chose to devote ourselves to the children of Mexico this year, offering them the opportunity to share their creativity and culture with the rest of the world. Their art will be featured on our products which when sold around the world will provide them with the education and self esteem they deserve.


Allocation of funds



This Mission with the kids in Mexico will be possible thanks to your help and support! Every donation is important which is why we have provided packs to cater for every budget. Together we can make this happen and put a smile on the wonderful children's faces!


Here is how your contributions will be distributed:


Plane tickets for Mexico (Roland and Hendrik): 3 000€

We will be on location during the children's summer holidays's (July and August). This is a time when they do not have other obligations and we can spend a maximum amount of time with them. Unfortunately at this time of the year tickets are very expensive… this is why we need you!


Living costs: 2 290 €

This is the amount we need to live during the 22 days in Mexico. It includes lodging (as the association cannot provide us any accommodation) and food. We do not want to take anything from the children so we prefer to pay for our own meals rather than taking resources from the organization.


Make and ship your rewards: 1 700 €

Yes, we also have to budget for you and your rewards ! This includes manufacturing costs and the shipping of what we plan to give you. These rewards will be a reminder of your contribution to the project and of course the creative talent of the children (with graphics inspired but the children's drawings). Thanks again!!


KissKiss BankBank fees (8%): 650€


TVA (20%): 1 360€

Yes, the money we get from you is considered as the sale of our products, so we are submitted to the 20% tax. 


Total: 9 000 €





If we surpass our objective… and this would be thanks to you!! The first objective was the very minimum we need, but there is a lot that we could do with extra money, so here are our secondary objectives to make the trip really worthwhile.


Buy supplies for the creative workshops (pencils, paint, brushes etc.): 200€

No workshop without supplies… The Choclo team hopes to offer the children quality workshops and provide them with different mediums to express themselves. Thanks to your donations, we will be able to buy the materials for the art workshops as well as create a Mural in their home.


Rent audiovisual material to be able to make videos: 300€

We want to record all the magic moments and memories and be able to share them with all the people that have contributed to the project as well as the children themselves. These videos will also help us market our next collection, and raise awareness about our project.


Rent a car in Mexico: 1 000€

We will need a car there to be able to get to the home each day, pick up materials and take the children surfing each weekend. For 22 days this does not come cheap ! According to our contact from Mission Mexico, it will cost us approximately 1 000€.


With the extra money, we also hope to fund the journey for Tony Marquais, a third person who will organize skateboard classes for the children and build them an area to skate in. Tony teaches skateboarding to children in Bordeaux, France and dreams of sharing his passion, knowledge and expertise with the Mexican children too. In fact, we would need more than 16 000€ to be able to achieve all our goals during this trip. So please don't stop sharing and keep helping us ! Thank you again from all the team.

Choose your reward

For €5

Thank you !! We will deliver to your home a mini booklet presenting our story, our latest collection and of course the wonderful children that inspired it.
  • Backers: 3
  • Delivery Giugno 2015

For €15

You will receive a booklet presenting our new collection + a thank you card from the children that inspired it + exclusive access to watch our documentary about conscious consumerism (26 minutes), filmed during our last trip to Peru. Your name will also feature in the credits of the film we will shoot during our trip to Mexico.
  • Backers: 20
  • Delivery Giugno 2015

For €25

A 15€ Pack + "The Little Book of Creative Freedom" (text english and french). This 130 page coffee table book is a visual collection of the people, moments, places, emotions and actions that create Choclo Project.
  • Backers: 16
  • Availability: 384/400
  • Delivery Giugno 2015

For €40

A 25€ Pack + a Summits4Kids headband. This unisex headband is the perfect ski and snowboard accessory, featuring a polar fleece lining that will keep you toasty even on the coldest powder day. We developed this product with non-for-profit organization Summits4kids, a group of professional female free ride skiers who climb and ski ridiculously high and steep mountains to raise money for the people living in poor and isolated villages in the Peruvian Andes. This headband is available in green and black. Please specify your preference (if you have one) in comments.
  • Backer: 1
  • Availability: 269/270
  • Delivery Luglio 2015

For €40

A 25€ Pack + an exclusive Choclo Project Tote Bag made with 100% organic cotton. This bag is also certified Fair Trade. Inspired by the drawing we did on a surfboard with the ex-street kids in Peru, this practical bag has a really authentic feel. If you want to see the kids creating this amazing artwork check out the video https://vimeo.com/57280079
  • Backers: 12
  • Availability: 88/100
  • Delivery Luglio 2015

For €60

MEN - a 25€ Pack + a Tabla T-shirt by Choclo Project. The Tabla is one of our personal favorites. Inspired by the drawing we did on a surfboard with the ex-street kids in Peru this T-shirt has a really authentic feel. Made out of a light 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) approved Peruvian organic cotton, it is a fantastic and versatile T-shirt. If you want to see the kids creating this amazing artwork check out the video https://vimeo.com/57280079. Please indicate your size in comments.
  • Backers: 12
  • Availability: 188/200
  • Delivery Giugno 2015

For €60

WOMEN - a 25€ Pack + an Edith tank top by Choclo Project. The photo used on this beautiful tank top was taken by a young girl called Edith, high up in the Andes (the story is discretely printed on the back). These photos were exhibited in the UK to raise funds for the Amantani program which builds boarding houses for girls like Edith who once had to walk up to 8 hours a day to attend school. Made out of light 100% GOTS approved organic Peruvian cotton, it is a fantastic top for yoga practice, wearing into town or just chilling out. Please indicate your size in comments.
  • Backers: 13
  • Availability: 174/187
  • Delivery Luglio 2015

For €80

WOMEN - a 25€ Pack + a Jhossue legging. Sometimes you just don’t want to look like the person next to you in the gym or in your yoga class right? Well you certainly won’t with the Jhossue legging! We loved the sense of freedom the children at Milagro school felt when they tapped into their imagination to create the art on this garment. We want you to feel the same sense of freedom when you wear it, so you too can express yourself without restriction. The polyester fabric (made from recycled plastic bottles) make it quick drying, meaning it is great for sweating in as well as traveling or just wondering around town. Please specify your print preference (if you have one) in comments with a number 1, 2 or 3. Don't forget your size too.
  • Backer: 1
  • Availability: 226/227
  • Delivery Luglio 2015

For €80

MEN - a 25€ Pack + a Jaime boardshort. Thanks to the blend of organic cotton, polyester (from recycled plastic bottles) and elastane this short is lightweight, feels great on the skin and moves with your body. The generous stretch in the fabric make it ideal not only for training and hot yoga but also perfect for swimming and surfing. This is your go to short for any active weekend or holiday getaway because you won’t need much else! Not only that but it has personality. The pattern on this short is very special as it was created by a very talented young Peruvian boy (called Jaime) with Cystic Fibrosis. Please indicate your size in comments.
  • Backers: 4
  • Availability: 142/146
  • Delivery Giugno 2015

For €100

MEN - A 25€ Pack + a Marinero long-sleeved top. The Marinero is a stylish long sleeved top with crafted wooden buttons. The Jaspé fabric is light and feels great against the skin. Because it can be used in so many different situations we recommend keeping it at arms reach at all times. Please indicate your size in comments.
  • Backers: 4
  • Availability: 156/160
  • Delivery Luglio 2015

For €100

WOMEN - A 25€ Pack + a Nicoll top. With a dance inspired shape the Nicoll has a relaxed yet sophisticated look. The mix of the polyester fabric (made from recycled plastic bottles) and viscose (made from wood pulp) give it a really soft and elegant touch meaning it feels fantastic against the skin. The all-over print was created from flower drawings the children made on their classroom wall at Milagro School in Peru. Please indicate your size in comments.
  • Backer: 1
  • Availability: 138/139
  • Delivery Luglio 2015

For €120

A 25€ Pack + a hand-made Skateboard with engraved detailing. This skateboard is a dedication to Jaime, a young Peruvian boy with Cystic Fibrosis that we have been able to help thanks to the sale of our products. Even the deck grip shapes were inspired by his drawings! This cruiser is a functional board and can be skated but it also looks stunning on a wall as decoration!
  • Backers: 3
  • Availability: 2/5
  • Delivery Luglio 2015

For €150

MEN - a 25€ Pack + a Seco Tank Top + a Jaime Board short. The polyester fabric in the Seco top (made from recycled plastic bottles) does not absorb water, meaning it great for sweating in. You could even surf in it if you wanted to! Not only this but the whole back underarm panels are made of mesh meaning your sweat can escape, keeping you light, dry and free to express yourself. This top has a discreet Choclo Project logo on the back. It looks great with the Jaime short as seen here. Please indicate your size in comments.
  • Availability: 253/253
  • Delivery Giugno 2015

For €150

WOMEN - a 25€ Pack + a Titicaca Poncho. This original Poncho captures everything the Choclo Project represents. In the times of the noble Incas, the state provided every member of the community with a poncho (or uncu as it was known). This sleeveless piece of fabric has survived the test of time and still claims its place as a simple yet surprisingly useful garment. El Titicaca was made in Peru with GOTS approved organic cotton.
  • Backers: 2
  • Availability: 78/80
  • Delivery Luglio 2015

For €200

WOMEN - a 25€ Pack + a Guacho Poncho + a Natally legging. The Poncho has become one of our key pieces. We have taken a traditional Peruvian garment (once distributed by the Inca Empire to it's people) and transformed it into a modern item of clothing that can be used in multiple situations and moments of life. Once you have worn this piece you will have a hard time taking it off! The Natally is a simple yet stylish legging with just a discrete jewelry inspired embroidery around the ankle. Both pieces are made from GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) approved organic cotton. Please indicate your size in comments.
  • Backer: 1
  • Availability: 79/80
  • Delivery Luglio 2015

For €200

MEN - a 25€ Pack + a Tabla T-shirt + a Tubo light pant + a Lobitos hoodie. Each garment in this silhouette was made with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) approved organic cotton. The graphics on the Tabla T-shirt and the Lobitos hoodie were inspired by the drawing we did on a surfboard with the ex-street kids in Peru. If you want to see the kids creating this amazing artwork check out the video https://vimeo.com/57280079. Please indicate your size in comments.
  • Backer: 1
  • Availability: 99/100
  • Delivery Giugno 2015

For €800

A 25€ Pack + a custom made Rob Vaughan surfboard. Rob has been shaping surfboards for Billabong and it's team of riders for as long as we can remember. His boards are simply amazing and the one in the picture is currently part of our 2015 art exhibition. What makes this board so unique is the glassed in piece of fabric from the collection. We have a variety of fabric pattens that you can select from to ensure your board is both unique and stunning. You can have this board set up as a thruster, twin or single fin and there are several shapes to choose from, catering for all levels and tastes. Please indicate your desires in comments.
  • Backers: 2
  • Availability: 3/5
  • Delivery Luglio 2015

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