Support the project of edition of the photo book of MELANIE DORNIER, देवी - ELLE. A view on Indian women.


Presentazione dettagliata del progetto

The French edition Corridor Elephant offers a collection of books which will be a limited edition, numbered and signed. These books are available online from the website.

The layout, print and choice of paper have been carefully selected by the author in order to match  as closely as possible her photographic voice. In the book Mélanie Dornier, has selected coated 170g semi-matt paper.




देवी - ELLE is an immersion in the day-to-day life of Indian Woman. Mélanie Dornier has needed four years to question the place of woman in Indian society and their daily fight to exist as individuals in a patriarchal society.


An introduction by Stephanie Tawa Lama-Rewal

15x21 cm (notebook size), 88 pages

Text in French and English

And a Poem of Aditi Rao to give some perspective .




Why be part of this book?

A book is a trace of a work at time that stays. An object materialising an artistic approach, an encounter, a link with the “reader”, a share. It is also why it was done with and by an alternative edition.

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A cosa servirà la mia colletta?

Corridor Elephant is an alternative organisation that gives its knowledge and expertise to the artists and readers.





The editions are a French organisation ruled by the law of 1901 without subvention and are self-managed. The financing allows us to cover the cost of the book’s draft, printing, communication, postage and packing as well as the artist’s royalties.

The crowd funding budget is equivalent to the print cost of 50 copies of the book and is spread throughout the following:



-Postage and Packing


-KISS KISS BANK BANK’s commission

-Running costs of CORRIDOR ELEPHANT


The more of you that you are then more of the artist’s work will be seen, the more her network will grow and the more books will have to be printed. It is the total amount of the crowd funding that will give us the exact number of the print run.




Project supported: Association Corridor Elephant







QUI SOMMES-NOUS ? CORRIDOR ÉLÉPHANT est une association à but non lucratif (loi 1901). fondée en 2012 par une dizaine de personnes, photographes, journalistes, auteurs, peintres. L’association est domiciliée à Paris mais une grande partie de ses membres résident en province ou à l’étranger. L’association a pour objet de montrer et de défendre la... Continuare

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Thank you for your hard work on this project, Melanie. I will keep one book and give one as a gift!
Bonjour Mélanie, j'attends avec impatience de recevoir ton livre. félicitations anne marie
En souvenir d'une belle rencontre en Birmanie. Bravo pour cet ouvrage