iDyssey, a photographic Odyssey

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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Come with us in Stefano De Luigi 's iDyssey photographic project, exhibition programmed in "le mois de la photo", Paris November 2014

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Hans Lucas supports the project iDyssey, a photographic Odyssey
1781 days
Rossella Paduano

I'm so proud to support iDyssey commuting abroad, from its very first presentation in Naples as a project to Paris in form of hanging photos. Bravo Stefano, your photography still fascinating and visionary as ever !!!

1787 days
Paolo Patrizi

iDyssey is an exploration about the past filtered through the modern sensibility of a great visionary!

1787 days

Nearly 3,000 years later, my friend and photographer Stefano De Luigi retraces the Odyssey's places. With what “objective”? A tele? A wide-angle? No, just an iPhone, as required by modernity. That's why iDyssey. But it is "the ancient, the oldest" that stands out from the pictures!

Become a promoters of this initiative, you too, adhering to the fundraising. You’ll receive a lot more than what you give.

1788 days

I believe in supporting new, courageous and smart projects like Stefano De Luigi's iDyssey. Stefano is one of the most intelligent photographers I've ever met and worked with and this project fully shows his heart and passion. I've been lucky enough to witness the first steps of it and I can't wait to see it exhibited in an amazing venue in Paris! I strongly encourage every photography and culture lover to give a contribution to make this happen!

1789 days

I think it's more interesting nowadays to see projects that have an innovative concept that combines modernity with a sense of history. The future can only be in projects with the capacity to give a new meaning to the past, looking to the future. If the traditional concepts of photojournalism is changing, the only solution is to embrace change. And I believe that iDyssey is born from a reflection on modernity, although traces the path of an ancient history. For this reason I considered to support it, so that more people will be able to see it. Go Stefano!

1789 days
Salvatore Santoro

I believe in joint actions to support common interests. This is a project that Stefano developed within the lands where was born and has evolved the best shape of 'thing in sharing', the democracy... of course before the Romans did it a profitable profession. Stefano has traveled on these lands using new forms of 'registration' and 'sharing': very interesting project and then I want to see completed in full.

1794 days

Le voglio autografate!!!!!!!!! spero di esserci. A presto Lorenzo