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"Protest" : une fiction musicale / a musical fiction

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Project visual "Protest" : une fiction musicale / a musical fiction
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Saturday, December 01, 2012
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"I'd like you to contribute to the production of a musical fiction for the song "Protest" from my last album. With high artistic qualities and real actors on a natural set, this fiction aims to be a piece of art. This is a non-for profit project. Not for profit at all. It is "the story of a man approaching the end of his life who comes back through time to find, for a moment, the love he never experienced...". This is an ambitious project, closer to a short movie than a music video, which is far from the normal rules of the music business. But the rules are made to be defied, and I'd like to believe we can do it together..."

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PEACHR supports the project "Protest" : une fiction musicale / a musical fictionSnatch supports the project "Protest" : une fiction musicale / a musical fictionRadio Campus Paris (93.9FM) supports the project "Protest" : une fiction musicale / a musical fiction
Is a musical fiction like a music video ?
Yes & no. We want to put images on "Protest". But "musical fiction musical" is the best we could fin because it is more of a short movie than a classic music video.
What will you do if the crowdfunding raise to an incredible level beyond your goal ?
Well, to be honest, our goal is quite high so far... But if we go beyond it, be sure the label and my other partners will think about quality gifts for you for sure !
What is a DigiFile CD ?
My first three EP went out in that format. The DigiFile is another variation on the standard card wallet with one additional panel / flap. The disc can be held in place with either a die cut slit. It goes without plastic tray (CD flexitray) glued into it. Plastic is not fantastic. Plastic is made with petrol, and petrol pollutes our planet.
Who will remix the song for the « Invisible / Protest special edition » ?
I asked some close artists to work on it, as well as artists I do respect the work. I'll let you know very soon the confirmed remixes.
What is silk screen printing ? What will these posters look like ?
Silk screen printing is a technique using a stencil of the image on a screen then stretched over a frame made of wood or metal, with one or more ink color. There are many screen printing inks available. The rock poster art developped itself with this technique. These posters will be printed by the Nancy atelier Percolation (http://percolation-chroniques.blogspot.fr). The design will be done by Grégory Wagenheim (http://www.gregorywagenheim.com/) who worked on the album artwork, with a "glow in the dark" ink in the spirit of the "Invisible" theme...
I choose the "guest ticket to your selected Chapelier Fou show" reward, would you bring me to Australia for the next new year's eve ?
First, I wanna say thank you for your support. Well, no, I won't bring you to Australia. We only offer the guest ticket, you need to come to the show on your own. Your reward also help to pay for the projet ! Once that said, I'll be happy to meet and greet at the Australian' Woodford Folk Festival on Dec 31th and have a drink with you !
Where and when will the set of the musical fiction take place ?
The set will take place in Sagy, around Paris. It is planned for 4 days during the second week of december.
Ask 30.000 € to your fans, isn't that a little mad ?
Well, yes. The nice people from KissKissBankBank told me they never raised such an amount. The total amount of this production is more of the double, but my partners and me will not make it possible without your support. Mark Twain wrote once "They didn't know it was impossible, so they went ahead and did it".
Where can I hear that song "Protest" ?
You can now hear "Protest" on my Soundcloud page : http://soundcloud.com/chapelierfou
What can I expect from a Chapelier Fou DJ set ?
It's more an in between of remix, mix and live. It's not dancefloor oriented, but eclectic for sure and a little avant-garde. The Brighton UK audience enjoyed it and danced for almost 1h30 early october...
What is a City Sport Caps hat ?
City Sport Caps is a family brand of high standard european cap created bu Victor Declercq in 1898. Based in Ardooie / Belgium, City Sport Caps is now the cap leading company in Europe, and sells their products worldwide. I met the team while playing at the Nuits Botaniques in Brussels, and they were kind enough to send me some of their caps with a "Chapelier Fou" label inside. This KissKissBankBank funding gave me the idea to share this beautiful git with you, and the City Sport Caps team accepted to offer 20 new caps with exclusive "Chapelier Fou" label inside. You can discover these caps ("flat cap") on their website, clicking on the first hat icon down right : http://www.citysportcaps.com