We are 7 students from Italy and our goal is to partecipate to the 47th Edhec Sailing Cup in La Rochelle (Fra) from April 26th to May 3rd.


Présentation détaillée du projet

We are the Cus Milano Vela Sailing Team, a team of 7 students from Milan Universities with the passion for sailing.



Last year we took part in the biggest student sporting event in Europe, the Course Croisiere Edhec.

This year the CC Edhec, will take place in La Rochelle (France) from April 23rd to May the 2nd and we really would like to be part of it competing in the Sea trophy.


During the event more than 3000 students from 23 nations will challenge for 4 different trophies: Land, Sea (Sailing), Air (Kitesurf) and Sand (Beach sports).

Our goal is to take part in the Sailing trophy with the "Grand Surprise" a 10 mt keel boat and finish the race on the international podium.

Last year, we ended up 5th in the international Classment and 11th in the 100% student category.

Our position had been compromised by some issues that forced us to retire in 2 races.

In order to achieve that, there will be a more experienced and more talented crew who competed in many international sailing events in the most famous venues in the Med sea.


Here's our video from the last edition:



À quoi servira la collecte ?

The money collected will allow us to pay the CCEdhec entry fees and the travel costs.

The CC Edhec organization offered us an "All Inclusive" package


To give you an idea of the budget needed:


- Entry Fee                         4800€ - Transportation Costs           500€  

We decided to ask for 1000€ because we think that this is the minimum amount that will allow us to compete in this awesome event. 



ITA Sailing Team

Cus Milano Vela is a group of students from Mlan Universities with the passion for Sailing who take part in nationals and internationals sailing events.