Help us to bring our team to Japan to participate at the World Hot Air Balloon Championships from 27th October to 8th November


The project

Thomas, pilot ranked #3 in France has been selected for the World Hot Air Balloon Championships in Saga (Japan).




Anne, Quentin, Thomas, Benjamin and Sophie have progressed for the last 5 years (#2 at the 2012 junior world championship in Lithuania, French champion in 2014) and ready for this adventure.


Balloon is a team sport, so we need Thomas (pilot), Benjamin (navigator) and ground crew to prepare the balloon, chase the balloon, help on strategy, give wind direction...




Newspaper from "La Nouvelle Republique" September 6,2014


Only 4 french teams are going to this championship. As never before we are motivate to compete against the 105 best world pilots.


This competition will have about 15 flights from 28th October to 7th November to find the best pilot on 30 different tasks to evaluate skills, precision and strategy.


A task example:




The goals is to be as close as possible from the target with the balloon. To "drive" the balloon, we go up or down to find the best wind as they have different speed and direction according to the altitide. When we are close to the target, we drop a 'marker' to show our passage.


Unfortunately we didn't participate at the world championship in 2012 (US) and 2014 (Brazil) due to lack of time and money. This year, we are doing our best to participate to this world championship and count on your support.


By helping us, we could fly the flag of France and share with you our awesome trip trough pictures and videos of the event (Facebook).


You can also connect on the official website :

Why fund it?

To be able to take part in this competition, we need to :

   -Bring the crew and balloon (5500 Euro for tickets)

   -Give food and rest to the team (5000 Euro)

   -Have a vehicle and fuel to chase the balloon (1500 Euro).


To reduce costs:

   -We are doing 'Homestay"

   -Japan organization and the  "Fédération Française d'Aérostation"  (FFA) give us 3500 Euro


So we need some help to make ends meet :4500 Euro minimum


So.... THANKS in advance for your support


If money is above our dream, we will use it for next competition



Saga - Japon -2015


Thomas Merceron, 29ans, marié et papa depuis 2 ans -pilote de montgolfiere professionel depuis 2007 -Vice champion du monde junior 2012 en Lituanie -Champion de France 2014 et toute son equipe de 25 a 32 ans venant d'horizons differents -Un Aurige -Une Kinésitherapeute -Un Ingénieur boue -Une Cartographe

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Vivez une belle expérience et bons vols ! Gégé et Marie Paule
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