Production of a double video clip in French and English of the First single by William Raven, French pop/rock/new wave Artist.


The project


I am William Raven. I am from Normandie and i am 24 years old. I will need your help for 40 DAYS. Like Jesus, I will cross a desert for 40 DAYS before to give YOU the best video clip that you could find !!!!


Come and listen the song and you will know the reason why I need YOUR HELP. Try to imagine the video for that song, 'cause the fond raising will help us to shoot the video for that song.



Since my early childhood, I only dream of doing music and I am proud to be singing in both French and English, intimate songs which speak to us all...

My songs are inspired by what I've lived, what I live everyday and by what I want to live in a close future.


Bands like Coldplay' Depeche Mode, The Cure or Indochine and other artists like Etienne Daho, David Bowie, Boy George or Lady Gaga are great references for me in my music or in my visual.


    Blue_captain_1       Prince_2


I am lucky to be working with a dedicated team of great talent who support the vision and allow me to visualize this dream one day at a time making it come true. A part of this team has been introduced in the video for my first Makin' Of : "L'Art du Trait".



And I need YOU to realized that project and make this dream come true.


In this day and age, it is crucial for a music artist to have a video clip, but a double video in two languages, that's just awesome!


In a futuristic ambiance, i will also feature the French Tradition by shooting some scenes in a Chateau in beautiful Normandie and on the beaches.


By the way, a special thought to the American and British soldiers who lost their lives on those beaches: I would not be here without their sacrifice. 




Why fund it?

Production of a double video clip in French and English. First single by William Raven, French pop/rock/new wave Artist. "Je Mourrai Pour Toi" this title already exists in English "I Would Die For You".


One and only Shoot and edit will allow us to have two versions of the same video for everyone to enjoy.


Our creative teams are in place and just waiting for the green light, YOUR green light!


Here is the budget:


Director: 2 300

Camera Team: 1 800

Sound: 2 000

Lighting: 3 150

Make up: 875

Costumes: 650

Extras: 825

Transportation: 250

Accessories: 320

Hotel/Meals (20 pers.x 2 nuits): 2 350

Manufacturing of 500 DVDs: 537


Note: The collection of 15,000.00 Euros, does not include rehearsals, choreographing, syncronization, etc...

However, if we reach 120% of our goal, you are in for a specail treat! 



William Raven

William Raven is a 24 years old Artist from Normandie. At a young age he starts off with Theater performances where he develops a taste for the visually unusual. His character is born.  Zorojazz Inc a Music production house out of the States and his founder Lairr ; a Broadway veteran ; see in William the next French wave of modern music. The... See more