Five continents, hundreds of children and one common thing: games..We will travel during 18 months around the world to visit playgrounds !


The project

“[...] The child shall have full opportunity for play and recreation, which should be directed to the same purposes as education; society and the public authorities shall endeavor to promote the enjoyment of this right.”


This is the 7th principle of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child adopted in 1959 by the United Nations. Do children play everyday? Do they have the same games as us? These questions interest us.


During this 18 month-Round trip we will meet elementary schools and discuss with pupils about plays and games they like. In fact games seem to be the best way to discover a culture through kids ‘eyes.




Childhood is a theme that we feel very strongly about. It’s a period in life full of innocence, of dreams and of invincibility’s’ feeling... It’s a fantastic time, that’s why it was an evidence for us to combine our Travel with a cultural project with children.


With each class, we will make short interviews about plays and games; we will also organize recreational and inventive activities. Moreover we would like to create some partnership between classes interested in school exchanges (with E-mails, letters…)


When we come back, we will return in  French schools we met before and present pupils what we learnt, answer their questions… It’s really important for us to share our experience especially with young people because when you are young you start evaluating and judging things and people. We often express negative judgment on what we don’t know.  That’s why we want to bring kids a different view of the world; to show them that even if games, languages and cultures are different in France, in Kenya, in Australia or in China, a kid stays a kid with a name, a smile, a dream.


In addition to debates and discussions made with the classes, we will regularly update our website and our Facebook page.


The common thread of this travel will be: MEETING, SHARING and RESPECT

Why fund it?

For this awesome adventure, we estimated a budget of 53000€.


Our personal contribution represents 65% of the full amount. Sponsors already involved and those who will help us (hopefully) will provide 32% more.

We therefore ask for your help, to give life to this project.


We are already equiped from top to toe; video- and photo cameras only wait to be used.  The only thing missing is something to sleep..

Actually with these 53000€ we are able to visit schools on the 5 continents but we can't sleep in 3 stars hotels. That's why each Euro counts!


These 1500€ will be a huge support: When it won't be possible to be hosted by a local, camping will be a cheap alternative.Your help will allow us to buy a high quality tent, warm and light sleeping bags as well as matresses. Each euro saved on accomodations allows us to travel farer and visit more schools to involve more children in this solidarity-based project.


We count on you!!!


Since we are kids, we are avid of travels. Flo participated twice to humanitarian mission in Africa (Mali and Burkina Faso), she lived 8 months in Germany and 8 months in Australiae. When she starts something, she is doing it until the end. She has even been president of an association during her studies... Romain caught the travelling bug when he... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Pourquoi un tel projet?

L'envie de nous dépasser, de découvrir d'autres cultures... et de partager notre expérience. Et les enfants, tout le monde le sait, n'ont besoin que d'un ballon ou d'une poupée pour se lier d'amitié! C'est ce qui nous a motivé.

+ Vous n'avez pas peur de vous disputer?

Cela fait plus de 4 ans qu'on s'aime. Alors bien sûr il y a des hauts, il y a des bas...mais nous sommes humains, comme vous ;-)
Et plus sérieusement, cette aventure, on ne s'imagine pas la faire avec quelqu'un d'autre: Flo est tétue et fonceuse, Romain lui est plus posé et arrangeant. Il n'aime pas les légumes, Flo en raffole. Elle est bordélique et lui pas. Romain n'aime que les grosses bêtes, et les petites n'effraient pas Flo... Bref, vous l'aurez compris, plus complémentaires que nous ça n'existe pas :-)

+ Pourquoi avoir choisi un lapin comme mascotte?

La réponse est simple: Certains ont des chiens, d'autres des chats et nous, nous avons un lapin qui court dans notre appartement et qui apporte de la gaité (et beaucoup de trous dans les draps...)

Elle s'appelle Pomme, alors tout naturellement on a appelé notre mascotte Pomme Pidou et oui: 3Pomme Pomme Pidou houhou :-)"

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