Kazidomi is a healthy e-commerce filtering the products according to YOUR preferences and diets: intolerances, vegans, diabetics, etc.


The project




Where did the idea come from?



Emna and Alain : Kazidomi's two cofounders 


Many years ago, Emna developped various food intolerances that forced her to restrain her diet. Her father, being a doctor specialized in nutrition, had already passed on to her his passion on the subject. It is in this context that at 18 Emna decided to begin studying at the Solvay Brussels School of Business and Management, her aim being to launch the concept of the 100% healthy food store. During her study years, she took on a life-changing project with her father: two years without sugar or dairy products. 


Meanwhile, Alain on his side was developing a passion for sport. His determination and energy manage to get him far: these qualities manage to go from studying in Brussels to Paris, before ending up in the prestigious MIT university in Boston. He gradually develops a passion for entrepreneurship and decides to join the adventure.


So here's how, in April 2016, when on the verge of receiving our diplomas, we created Kazidomi. 





What is Kazidomi?


Kazidomi comes from latin and means "Just like home".


If you can answer positively to any of these questions, then we are sure that our concept is meant for you !


- Have you ever wanted to eat more healthily or pay attention to your food ?

- Have you already had difficulties trying to read a product label ?

- You don't understand half the words in a product's composition?

- Have you ever had to or wanted to restrain your diet (e.g. no sugar, allergies) ?



Kazidomi is the latest solution for people with a specific diet. Be it vegans, people with allergies and intolerances or diabetics, all struggle to find the right products. When they can, they often need to travel between different shops to access a complete range of products. Most importantly, too often, the industry has replaced some components by others that, even if better for allergies, are really not recommendable for health purposes.


This brings us to the fact that food nowadays is becoming more and more industrialized and bad for our health. This is why all our products comply with a series of strict criteria. All products are free of unrecommended preservatives, white sugar, saturated fats, etc.).


We have also decided to cancel out the tedious task of checking food labels for people with food restrictions (intolerances, vegan diets, diabetes etc.). So we created a way to sort the products based on what you need. Just select the filters you are interested in, and we'll take care of the rest; you are now in YOUR personalised supermarket and can browse our products freely.


We sell multiple dry food products, including:

- Breakfast products (granola, vegetal milks, spreads, crackers, etc)

- Drinks (tea, juices, etc)

- Snacks (chocolate, dry fruits, energy barres, etc) ou salty encas (tapenades, sauces, chips, etc.)

- Prepared dishes (soup or small prepared meal) or products that you can cook (pasta, oil, quinoa, condiments, spices, mushrooms, etc)

- Superfoods, products with very interesting properties for health purposes (spirulina, chlorella, powder, berries)

- Finally, we offer discovery baskets to try our products !





                                                         Health is at the center of this project...


Both founders have a deep interest in healthy food and sport. As a matter of facts, every product is selected with nutritionists and dieticians to check its composition and ensure high quality standards. We have also introduced Kazidomi to hospitals and health experts and today, many already recommend our platform because of its great quality and because they know it can help their patients.




Practical information


We deliver to the Benelux, France and Germany - door to door or to relay points.

Within the Benelux: up to 48h

In France and Germany: in 3 to 4 days



They already believe in us, do you?




See the links of the articles here !





Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kazidomi/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kazidomi/

Why fund it?

It took us two months to get the project up and working. Thanks to the help of many people, we were able to put our website online at the start of July without spending too much money. After having tested the site all summer while continuing to improve it, we realized that we were going to have to attend to two main needs.


We are asking for funds because, as a start-up, our marketing is key but this can be quite expensive. We have already exploited many channels to make ourselves known with the means we have but we believe it is time for us to make even more noise. We want to reach the people who struggle on a daily basis with their specific diets and we want to make their lives easier.


The second point we need to work on is more on the technical side of things. We want to take our project even further by offering a completely personnalized platform to our customers. Our current range of products is only the beginning: we want to offer you much more. The number of criteria and filters that you can choose from should also increase. We would like to create a page for quick and healthy recipes linking to our products and why not a social media system for you to share your ideas...


In numbers:

- 2000€ to marketing - 3000€ to the development of our website and its functionalities.

- If we get above 5000€: many surprises await you, a more performant website, more original packaging, subscription possibilities and much more! 


We are overflowing with ideas and imagination and we need you to help us make them possible! Give us your support and feel free to talk about us to all your friends ! 





We thank you in advance !


                                                                                 The Kazidomi team


Both founders are from Belgium. Emna is 24 and Alain is 23. They studied as business engineers at the Solvay Brussels School. Emna pursued her studies in Belgium to specialise in entrepreneurship during her masters. Alain moved to France to study management at HEC Paris. and then moved to Boston in the US to complete a complementary master at MIT. Both... See more

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