Kinofest is the first and most important digital film festival in Romania, an independent project. The 6th edition will take place on 26-28 October 2012 in Bucharest. Kinofest grants early access to the latest trends and creations of digital film, enabling the public to see a sensational selection of films. It is the permanent playground of the visual-stories lovers.


The project

Kinofest is…

… a digital film festival based in Bucarest, since 2007, one of the most significant in the Central-East Europe. Our goal is to promote in Romania the new film making, the diversity and creativy in video art, innovating technics, interesting artists. We bring together superpremium films in very different styles and genres - about 300 of the best shorts in the world, from 25-35 countries; most of them are Romanian premieres (85-95%).


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The festival is an international competition of shorts, but also includes other events and projects: presentations and screenings of invited artists/films/festivals, music concerts, live performances, a virtual art gallery where we present interesting "non-moving" digital art: graphic-design, photography, illustration. We would like to offer larger perspectives to our public, to gather all digital trends and new techiniques, to have films and music, graphic and video art. Our latest project is an educational programme developed in high schools, in order to popularize the digital film technics among the young. Although our main event is once a year, we do have lots of activities all year long.


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We are…

… never getting bored of films. We work through a cultural non-profit organisation (Asociatia Kinofest), and we do about 80% of this festival. Kinofest is an independent project, self-supported (we sell publicity in the festival - the brands reach their customers in unconventional ways, within a relevant context), fulfilled pretty much through voluntary work (here are our volunteers!).


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Pixel curtain


The Audience is…

Probably the most active, creative and avant-garde crowd in Bucharest 14 – 55 y.o.; Ranging from teenagers passionate for computer games to mid-age professionals, interested in gadgets, technology and good movies People working mainly in creative industries and who constantly search, consume and appreciate new means of art, connected to the latest trends in “new arts” About 5.000 spectators/edition Kinofest 2011 | Facebook


The Concerts are...

... powered by well-known artists of the Romanian indie movement, who have a lot of fans amongst the digital art fans. The concerts of each edition include an interesting unusual combination of live performance, digital music instruments and visuals in syns with the music.

Some of our concerts: Toulouse Lautrec, The Backstage Hero, Brazda lui Novac, Brazda lui Novac, Hotel Fetish, The Pixels, Les Elephantes Bizzares, Minus & Ion, Freaqx, TunnesInnaOurHeads.

The Pixels - Kinofest 2007


2012, the 6th edition

Duration: 3 days, 26 –28 October 2012

Program: 15:00 – 24:00

Content overview:

- international film competitions: Animation, Fiction, Micromovie

- special film selections (film schools compilations, theme screenings, best-of selections)

- digital art exhibitions

- concerts & party

- workshops

Kinofest 2010 - Ziua 2 | Facebook


I therefore, invite you to join us in this ambitious project, in Bucharest, hoping only for the best!




Why fund it?

Because we have so many good ideas and we need funds to make them happen.

Because we offer a great content (the best and the biggest short film selection in Romania), and we’re so good in what we do -  but without enough money, we can’t organise the event at it’s true potential.

Your donation is necessary and highly appreciated.

The amount asked on this KissKissBankBank project is not our full budget. The 6700euro cover:

- the space lease, 3 places x 3 days - 2000euro

- the technical part (concert equipment, part of the projection equipment, the technical team) - 2500euro

- printing the festival's catalogue (200 pieces) - 2200euro


Valentin Partenie – fondateur/directeur/producteur/mère&père du festival Kinofest, depuis 2007. Je suis un directeur du film, j’ai fait plus de 1000 épisodes des émissions de télévision, plus de 2000 tv promo, environ 30 musique vidéos. J’ai produit et dirigé 30 court-métrages indépendants, et un long-métrage. J’ai rassemblé plus de 40 sélections en... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ How do you promote the festival?

We have a very good promotion, local and national coverage, and a strong image. Media partners: tv (Digi 24, Digi film, UTV), radio (Guerrilla), print (Big Black Bock, Esquire, 24Fun, BeWhere, DigiFilm), online (Modernism, BeWhere,, 24 fun, Cinemarx, Esquire, Carturesti, Cinefan,,,,,,,, print on screen (Sugar Media, Mix Media Advertising), etc

+ What kind of films do you project?

The main categories of the festival (and of the competition) are: Animation (all technics), Fiction (up to 20 minutes) and Micromovie (up to 90 seconds). But the genres are very divers: fiction film, musical/commercial clip, comedy/horror/films for kids, etc. We’re interested in technic quality and artistic originality.

+ What’s the total budget of the festival?

20.000 euro in 2012. But our ideal budget would be at least 50.000 euro. Maybe next year…