Kool Kids Klub needs you to edit the next issues and to organise an event.


The project



Kool Kids Klub is a small independent edition who saw the light of day in January 2015 at the initiative of young artists from Brussels. Our main purpose is to gather different artists from various backgrounds and disciplines every month. We have already released four issues so far, but we need a financial support in order to sustain our project.


The team is originally composed of three young people from Brussels, Zephyr, Gilles and Joy. Passionate and full of ideas, they have been working together on different projects since early 2013, and have now decided that the time had come to create an association.

The team has ever since grown and we are now surrounded by artists as well as non-artists interested in the project and willing to help it carry on successfully.

Kool Kids Klub does not yet have its own meeting space, but the research is currently underway and we hope to be able to present our future projects in the course of the year.




Kool Kids Klub Fanzine

Our first project as a non-profit organisation is the Kool Kids Klub Fanzine. Designed by young Brussels artist Zephyr, founding member of the association, this home-made edition aims to present monthly about fifteen artists of all kinds, available to everyone. As it is nowadays hard for an artist to present their work individually, we would like to offer them the possibility to show what they do to a new kind of public. This fanzine would thus stand as a window on contemporary creation, whether through drawing, painting, photography, writing or any other artistic discipline displayable on paper.


Every month, we launch a call to contribution and contact artists whose work we like. Afterwards, the team manages the formatting and the printing before delivering it all around Brussels, on foot! In short, everything is realized by our care.

The fanzine is currently sold at the price of 2€ in order to cover our expenses. We produce 100 copies per edition, but following the success of the first issues, the ideal number would be at least 150. This is one of the main reasons why we need your help: issuing more copies without raising the price. You can get these publications (within the limits of available stocks) by contacting us or by visiting our different distributors in Brussels (bookshop Brüsel, Mr. Ego Shop, Montana Shop, Multi BD, etc.). In order to expand our distribution, we attend different micro-edition « markets », such as recently the Mini market of micro edition at Recyclart, Bruxelles, the Zine Happening in Gent, or the upcoming Falon Foireux du Fanzine, Brussels, in June.




Who are the artists already involved in the project?

Zephyr // L’Os // Greg D. // Oxanax // CDS // Gangster Doodles // Kaethe Butcher // M.TE // VLE // Milan Benza // Joy // Guillaume Lambot // JDK // Laura // Amagiz // Petit Pois d’Ici // Multiverse Men // El Datura Futbal Klub // Ophélie Longuepée // Pilou // Mathias Costa // Monsieur Renard // Krümp // UV31 // Mathias Bourgonjon // Julie Hoyas // Chloé Schuiten // Olga Mathey // Gautier Houba // Valentine Jansen // Ange Violent // Louise Mézel // Jana Vasiljevic // Hélène Jeudy // Blackweed // Anouk Jurdant &co // Groduk Boucar // Stéphanie Maton // Ludovic Beillard // Clement William // Le Monstr


Any event in Brussels ?

In order to celebrate the 6 months of the fanzine but also the creation of the association, we would like to organize a free event which would take place in Brussels, in June (date to be confirmed). During this event, we will set up an exhibition in order to show original pieces of work from artists that have already appeared in previously released issues. Drinks and snacks will be provided so that both artists and public will be able to enjoy “kool” surroundings to meet, as well as an information point to present our project. There should be a live painting, workshops, an on-site created fanzine,… Many ideas we hope to realize according to the venue we find

Why fund it?

Of course all of this cannot happen on its own and most certainly not without material.

We’ve been able to venture into this project thanks to some private starting aids, but unfortunately, we can no longer rely on them. Which is why, in order to release the next issues, we’d need a 500€ funding.


Further to the realization of the first four editions, we already have a quite accurate idea of the costs: 

- About 200€ for the print cartridges (2x 4 colours for HP printer)

+ 40€ for the paper (2x coloured paper pad 80g + 1x coloured paper pad 160g for the cover)

10€ for the staples

= 250€ for the production of an edition.  x2 = 500€


With the money raised, we expect to be able to produce and release the two next editions (May and June). As to the further issues, we assume that the distribution will allow us to sustain the project.


The second project for which we seek your help is the organization of the above mentioned event on the occasion of both the fanzine and the association’s 6 months anniversary. We will try to get some external support from partners and sponsors, but such an event does not come free of costs. Thanks to our experience in events organization, we can estimate that 1000€ would allow us to cover the expenses of a room rental, some technical supply, food and drink supplies and promotion.


We would like to rent a space for one weekend, so that a maximum number of people can enjoy the event. For this purpose, we count a minimum of :

- 300€/day (600€ total + 50€ of organiser’s insurance= 650€ total) for a room in Brussels with easy access and spacious enough to present a large number of artists.

+ 100€ for the purchase of various necessary supplies (projector, frames, nails, additional lights, display stand, etc.)

+ 150€ for the printing of promotional flyers (we will take care of their distribution all over and around Brussels to attract people to the event)

+ 100€ for the purchase of beverage that we will offer to the first-come.


If we exceed the desired amount, we intend to invest the additional money in the printing of further editions, in a bigger place for the event or in the future projects of the Kool Kids Klub, according to the money collected. In any case, we promise not to disappoint you and to do our absolute best to ensure the Kool Kids Klub achieve its short- and long-term goals. 




Kool Kids Klub

Le Kool Kids Klub a été créé début janvier 2015 par de jeunes artistes bruxellois. Pour démarrer le projet, le collectif met en place un fanzine, une petite édition indépendante home-made, afin de développer son premier objectif : promouvoir la création émergente à Bruxelles et ailleurs. Le Kool Kids Klub est aujourd'hui une ASBL en développement,...

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Bonne continuation! D&M
Good luck pour votre projet les gars!!!
Wouhouw !! Merci à tous de croire en nous ! Le projet est déjà bien en route, et grâce à vous, nous pourrons le mener à bien. Ceux qui n'ont pas encore contribué, n'hésitez pas ! Nous avons plein d'autres projets pour l'asbl, et chaque euro est très important pour nus, car nous partons de rien du tout. MERCI ! Le Kool Kids Klub.