Please help me to realize this very exciting project. Welcome to KOSIKO, new accesoories life style


The project


Young french creator, I have travelled 2 years ago and found an intelligent material that makes me idea to create this new accessories collection.

I love Art and Design and all my collection is based on very light design and very original ones.

I will distribute my collection on Concept Store that meet already some young creators and my position will meet exactly it.




KOSIKO is a new brand that is responsive, original, waterproof, flexible and eco responsable.

After that I would like to launch more products and open an e-commerce website to promote the collection AND create a step to personnalise each other your own wallet, a new concept and idea on the wallet world, it will be Wonderful!! You will be able to personnalise your own wallet as you can personnalise your own phone case today, with your family or friends pictures... You could also get a virgin wallet to draw on it with your own pencil.



If you adopt the accessories KOSIKO you will adopt a new lifestyle, very light products and soft touch, you will never forget it and your friends would like to get one very fast!

Help me to get this project getting through and follow me after thanks for your kindly founds.




Why fund it?

With those founds I will :


- buy my 1st collection : 3600 EUR

- create web site (no e-commerce) : 1000 EUR

- thanks Kisskissbankbank : 400 EUR


TOTAL : 5 000 EUR


If I get more founds (yes!!!!), I could :


- create more collection : 10 000 EUR

- create e-commerce web site : 25 000 EUR

- create the step to personnalize your own wallet : 8 500 EUR

- publish more press articles : 3 500 EUR





Previous professional tennisman I was always interessested by fashion, design and art. Create my own brand is just a child dream. I can then combinate my passion and my life style thanks to KOSIKO. After been a professionnal tennisman since my young age, I practiced Triathlon and participated to several Iron Man. I practice now Golf, doing comptions... See more

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L'idée et les produits son magnifiques !
Impatiente d'avoir la photo de Charlotte ! :) Good luck !
Salut, Bonne chance dans votre projet. Si en bâtissant on écoutait les avis de tous le monde, le toit ne serait jamais posé. - proverbe mongol :) Bises Sebastien