Help create the FC' app: app that connects you to a computer technician and offers absolutely free computer help within minutes!


The project

FC' is born from a simple fact: we all (too) often have computer problems but there is no universal solution. There is no "out-of-the-box" solution that would save time and money.


Indeed, in one hand you have computer help companies that cost a lot and on the other hand you have Google and a ton of forums...

We innovate extremely quick when it comes to technology, but the help, hotline and repair business is not changing at all. That was before the FC' app!


Started in 2015 in Paris, FLYCIE CONNECT offers free and professional computer help!


After a few months one problem arises : "How can we keep offering our services to everyone around the world and at the same time keep the same service, the same availability and the same price of course: $0?". We needed to find a simple, but efficient solution.


Then the FC' app was born: available on iPhone and Android the app connects users having a computer related problem or question with a qualified technician trained by FC'.

There is the answer! We would then be able to offer the service to anyone and better yet for free! In order to do that we have partnerships with other companies like iTunes, Amazon, Norton... That's how we are able to pay the FC' tech every time he helps someone, by giving part of our revenue.



Who started FC'? It's me: Matthias Counquet.



My inspiration: "They didn't know it was impossible, so they did it" Mark Twain.


Computer geek from as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to create something unique and different. After working in Canada for a few years, I decided to launch FLYCIE CONNECT', in Paris, France. Thanks to the amazing work the team FC' did, we have come a long way and now, we need your help in order to complete the FC' app project!


Enough chit chat, let's get serious!



We have done a lot, but now it's your turn. We need your help to finalize the programming of the app and start helping, guide and making people smile!

And one more thing: it's free!


Give, share our project and enjoy your rewards!



FC' app is very simple to use. You only need one "touch" and a FC' tech calls you back and helps you. Here is how it works:







We want FC' app to be a reference in the computer help field, which means FC' tech don't just solve problems, they also answer questions and give advice. It's not easy to find the right answer on the internet like: "Which graphic card should I buy?" - "Mac or PC?" - "Do I need an anti-virus?"...


With FC' you have a professional answer for free!


Don't waste time anymore on forums or wait for a tech support guy to solve the problem while invoicing you. Now with one touch you can get help, anywhere, any time for free!










FC' app 1.0 will be available in September 2015 and iPhone and Android.

This will be the first of many versions that will evolve to meet your needs.

Here are some of the features that will be available:


- Login and create an account in the app

- Ask for help immediately to a tech

- After the problem is solved, you rate the tech

- Plan a call in advance for a tech to call you back (free also)

- Review your account





We are already working on future versions and we would be more than happy to hear your thoughts or need.



We want to thank you for making FC' your go to app, that's why we created FC' rewards.

You will earn points every time you call a tech, buy a product after a tech recommendation... You will then be able to trade those points for gift cards!

FC' rewards will be available in FC' app 2.0 or as early as version 1.0 is we reach the third level of the funding (15,000 €) !





A purchase is something you buy from one of our partners after a tech recommends it to you. We test and approve everything we recommend so don't worry we have your back!



It's now time to sit back, relax and enjoy watching FC' app, the amazing adventure!

Help Neo and Leia saving the app in the battle against the Empire... (Spoiler alert!)




Why fund it?


We need you to finalize the app programming and make it available to everyone (even in the US and the UK!).





If we reach the 5,000 € step we will be able to launch the FC' app starting in September!



- 8000 € : We would be able to add more options in version 1 : special offer page + more languages + secret features...

15,000 € : Access for companies (FC' will be able to be the IT department with custom configuration).

- 20,000 € : Rolling out the app in more countries with tech on each country.







The 5000 € will be split in two:


- Programming fees: 4500 €. That's the cost of programming for version 1.

- Starting fees: 500 €. Rolling out the app to customers and technicians.




Launched in 2015 by Matt, you can see him in "FC' app, the amazing adventure", FLYCIE CONNECT' offers free and professional computer help. After a few months one problem arises : "How can we keep offering our services to everyone around the world and at the same time keep the same service, the same availability and the same price of course: $0?". We... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Is the repair or help really free?

Of course!
You ask for a tech through the app, every time you have a question and he takes care of the rest. You don't have to pay anything!
To do so we have commercial partnerships with companies like Amazon, iTunes, Norton... We are then able to pay the tech with part of the money we get from those partnerships!

+ Is the app available in the UK or the US?

In September we plan to have the app available in France. We want to have it available in the US and the UK before 2016 so help us spread the word!
And if we get more funds maybe we will have it available sooner...

+ Is the tech help me remotely?

Yes! The tech helps you on the phone. He can also initiate a free remote control session on your computer with your approval during the call and securely.

+ Is the call toll free?

Absolutely! The call is 100% free. Anyway it's the tech that call you back, not the other way around.

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