THE CALLING OF THE FOREST or YOUR MOTHER'S KISS A dance performance about the desire to return, a movement to itself,to essential


The project

THE CALLING OF THE FOREST  or  YOUR MOTHER'S KISS is  a proposal for multimedia  show  with dance, video,objects and texte  about  a desire to return, a movement to itself , to the essential. Performance  will  be  donne in Slovenia  with the  participation  of French  and Slovenes  artists  with Opening Night on the 25. septembre in The  House of Culture "Cankarjev Dom", Ljubljana.


Inspirations  and  approach:


Choreographer and  contemporary dancer Etcha  Dvornik , original Slovenian, I live  and work in Paris, France.Between two cultures, two countries , the questions  of identity , of strangeness and  strange are in the hearth of my choreographycal work :which kind of body ?whick kind  of imaginations?because  it's

enough to look  another landscape, breath the  air  of elsewhere that perceptions  changents, the body change.Haunted by this "Other"  absent, desiring to questions the  "nature  and culture", "art and exile" the body and territory" ,to created  the new imaginary lands , I answered to "CALL FOR THE PROJECT" of   the  House  of  Culture "Cankarjev Dom" , Ljubljana...." plant a oak, watch it grow ,debit his boards , see dry and make a coffin in which will take  place in  the earth ,that is  in the cosmos " Michel Onfray, French philosophe, Le Recours aux forêts , La tentation de Démocrite, éd. Galilée

What  are we made of?What is the  matter of our bodies?Of our dreams?Our fantasies?



Etcha D., photo: Tone  Stojko


The  artistic team:


My Project  accepted, I begin to composed the artistic team. I was  looking for Slovenian dancers first. I meet  two beautiful dancers and I'm   happy  to work with her. I shall  dance too. Some  years  ago I begin a  choreographycal work in the Slovenian landscape ("land art") with   fameous  photographer and videographer Tone  Stojko. We  will continued  our  collaborations  for Project  THE CALLING  OF THE FOREST or YOUR MOTHER'S KISS.






Ursa  R., photo: iztok Hvala 





Photo: Tone Stojko




Mojca M., photo: Matjaz Ocko




Photo: Tone Stojko



Ursa R., photo: Tone Stojko



Mojca M., photo : 


To work in Ljubljana represented for me un unique event,longly desired:it's meen  go back to my roots,to childhood, the possibility of transmission,mixtures of cultures,weaving links. 

Unfurtenlly, the  contributions of coproducters is not enough to  cover all the  fees of  productions,the crisis is still  particulary  in Slovenia, why  this  CALL in The  Platforme of KISSKISSBANK! Thank you! Thank you!





Etcha D., photo: Tone  Stojko

Why fund it?


A  Performance  is produced  by  House for Culture of Slovenie "Cankarjev Dom", City of Ljubljana and Society Federacija but this  is not enough  to covered all the  fees  of productions.


I'm looking for 2800 eus in Plateforme  KISSKISSBANBANK 

necessary  for:

costumes (3): 600 eus

materials, objets:450 eus 

the fees for designer,costumographer 700 eus

compositeur 700eus

flight from Paris-Ljubljana-Paris 350 eus

=2800  eus 





Etcha  D., photo: Tone  Stojko






I meet a contemporary dance as a student at the Academy of Dramatic Arts,TV, Film and Theatre a Ljubljana in Slovenia. Arriving in Paris with a scolarships of Ministere for Culture early 80- years I studied many techniques of dance, from classical to modern and postmodern dances(contact dance, BMC .)In the same time I poursvived studies of ... See more

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Une artiste chorégraphe dont j'apprécie beaucoup le travail.
Une artiste chorégraphe dont j'apprécie beaucoup le travail.