The Studio Shipshapes is about painting the right way up ! At the moment my studio floor is like being on a ship, it makes me seasick !


The project


My studio, below is a place of creation where I create on a 55 cm slope, desperately trying to stay upright and not being pulled down by gravity. Not so good if you're trying to make high-end art !


The carpenters have quoted me 2500 euros to fix it up by building wooden terraces which break the slope to balance the concrete slab.. Just check out the concrete blocks supporting the table !


I'm preparing two major shows this year and I need to work without having a backache at the end of the day.




Why fund it?



My happy and generous sponsors will allow me to steam ahead in the creation of 2 exhibitions in the Basque Country, in Bayonne and Biarritz this year !


Check out some of the works. They are describing the life of a mariner who has seen the world. His furniture starts to look like him and the numerous ports of call his tired eyes have seen !


I dream of having flooring which doesn't break my back !

The quote I have for rebuilding a floor is 2500 euros. It's a stiff sum for me as an artist. With the rest, ie 1000 I hope to get a glass door built so that I don' t to freeze in sub-zero temps in winter when I want to work .


Here's some pics of the's not just an optical effect !



Camille Masson-Talansier Artist Training • 1984 History of Art, l’Université Toulouse Le Mirail • 1980 : Alexander Mackie Art School, Sydney, Australia • 2007 : Art teaching diploma, Canberra Australie • 2009-2012: Art in health training ... See more