The project

The fondation stone of this project is for me to start a new activity, creating 100 pieces collections of my works and in order to be able to do it, I need your financial support and in return you will benefit a 50% price reduction during the 40 days presentation on the Kisskissbankbank site. Prices will then return to their true value on the creators, luxury market with that unique french "savoir vivre" fragrance and with the opening of this new activity : "La beauté est fragile par Jean GAZDAC".   Jean6-1459153026   The choice of this peculiar material and the name of the brand is coming from a long quest since my first sculpture exhibition "Femmes fantastiques" in october 1980, ...   There followed a long journey of discoveries, meetings and with so many failures but which permitted to get each time a bit further. After pealing away every unnecessary skin, at last you get to what is primary to me : fragility, which concern every one of us. It is vital to respect this sensitivity, to respect others, specially in this terrible period with its indiscriminate attacks.We must restore meaning to meaning.   For me, the real precious material is this blue crystal paste because it permits so many variations in transparency, intensity of the ccolour according to the thickness of the piece. It brings this little difference who can sublime the object, making iy fragile and extraordinary. The other mareials are often there to highlight it using their inherent beauties. I often work with my "accomplices" for the wood, the other metals, engravings, leather goods, phoyography, micromechanic and even another glass artist, ... I am and always remain in debt yo yhem for sharing time, skills which some are incredibble and ... for supporting me.   I am an sculpturing artist, registered to La Maison des Artistes and Ateliers d'Art de France. I create my works in blue crystal paste using my not very big kilns and I use also a small foundry in my workshop.


My original pieces made undermy artist status can be seen on my site ; or


The brand "La beauré est fragile" was registerd in february 2016. It will have its own website where you will find the different collections and soon the future ones already trying to get out my head and become real.


I reinvent objects that belongs to our rich heritage like this  champagne fountain, used some time near the end of 19 hundreds and start of the 20th century, usng blue crystal paste, sterling silver, ebony and stainless steel food quality. To go with is a "coup de poing de vigneron", winemaker punch to pierce tje metal cap and do the first hole. There too, blue crystal paste, sterling silver, ebony and stainless steel food quality fot the tip.



These objects will be presented in a darkened pear wood, or other darkened wood,special box on black leather and the diiferent accesories will also be in sterling silver.




Objects such as boxes, bottles, decanter stoppers, impossible tools and more to come with humot and self-mockery warranty


All objects you can see are blue. This my signature.


All objects are customisable and could be made according to your wishes.




Why fund it?

Firstly to finance the company's capital which will be a SASU type                                                             5000 €

The additional costs of creation: statutes and other costs                                                                            1200 €


Eqipment ;

Additional electrical kiln                                                                                                                                      3152 €

Buying an electrical Glass saw                                                                                                                          1500 €


Blue crystal   90 kgs                                                                                                                                            1500  €        


Total ;                                                                                                                                                                 12352 €


The money you give, if successful, will go on my professional artist bank account. Then a special blocked account will be created for the company's capital, statutes will be written, registered appropriatly.


The rest of the money will permit to buy the kiln, the saw and the blue crystal.. So, by the end of june every thing should be good and I should start working on your pieces in july. Hopefully, I will have finish early september


If, I get more money, I will replace some nearly obsolete pieces of equipment and most important I will reorganize the workshop for two persons, interns, apprentices because transmission is very important














Expositions de sculptures en pâte de verre : Exposition Primaires, Galerie l’Atelier, Paris, février-mars 2012 Salon Hors-série, Paris, juin 2012 Salon Maison & Objet, Villepinte, septembre 2012 Salon Maison & Objet, Villepinte, janvier 2013 Installation de serpettes en cristal, Napa Valley, Californie, Mars 2013 Salon Maison & Objet,... See more

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Meilleurs voeux en bleu
Excellente initiative !!! J'ai hâte de voir ces créations diffusées ...du bleu pour lutter contre le blues :)
bonne idée ! courage!