This artistic project aims to invest in later life home in the town of Vitry-sur-Seine and value by becoming an ephemeral gallery.


The project


This artistic project aims to invest in later life home in the town of Vitry-sur-Seine and value by becoming an ephemeral gallery.


• The place will become an open gallery for a weekend

• The gallery will be open exclusively to contributors

• Several local and international artists will perform their works

• Cultural events will be seated




Programming : Day 1: Saturday:

• Visits to contributors

• Meet the artists

• Entertainment with partner associations

• stencil workshop on one of the walls of the house


Day 2: Sunday:

• Visits to contributors

• Entertainment with partner associations

• stencil workshop with children

• Closing Night







A few names of artists performing a work in the house:

• Meushay (FR)

• Bebar (FR)

• Lalasaïdko (FR)

• Lady jday (FR)

• Sly2 (FR)

• Ives.One (NL)

• Sjembakkus (NL)

• Artis (FR)

• MG la Bomba (FR)

• Tacos (FR)

• Phylou (FR)

• Avataar (FR)





BBP: Participatory Big Bang is a project combining innovative participatory habitat 4 families. The initiative wants to rethink the construction of urban property and rethink coexistence between inhabitants of the same neighborhood.


Vitry'N'Urbaine : Central Association in the artistic life of Vitry-sur-Seine, grouping aims to organize for all public urban actions and support the development of vitriots artists works.


Urban Art Paris : Association referent in the Urban Art and Street Art in Paris, the group contributes to the development of the movement before and emerging artists through its media event and its actions.




Why fund it?



What will the collection? Budget : To carry out our project we solicit contributions and curious explorers who want to discover the place exclusively.


The majority of the fees will be used to cover expenses for the artists, the other party to welcome you in the best conditions to visitors to the site with standards for launch.






- 10% will be dedicated to the organization and to facilities for the venue during the event

- 20% will be used for the creation of counterparties and reception contributors

- 20% of the collection is dedicated to hosting artists

- 50% will be dedicated to equipment and the implementation of the event


Urban Art Paris - L'équipe

Urban Art Paris est une association à la fois un media, producteur de contenu et organisateur d'événement ! "Ma Belle Vitry'N" est un lieu éphémère et une invitation à la découverte du monde de l'Art urbain dans la capitale européenne du Street-art.

Newest comments

Très belle initiative dans la capitale mondiale du StreetArt.
Vivement! Merci.
Super idée. Grande Fan de street art j'ai mis mes économies du mois passé dans ton projet.