Realize a live performance, in front of a public, which blends photography, theater and music.


The project




Realize a long exposure photography (10 to 15 minutes) in front of an audience. Use the exposure time by adding actors playing under a light choreography playing with an original soundtrack. 


At the end of the show, display the freshly live-made image on a screen set in front of the audience.




Project ambition


Use lights, actors and music to tell a story which will be, at the same time, completely capture by a camera. Each show will give birth to one unique image.

Dates and location of the play (only available in french) 


Project form


The project is composed in 2 different times :

- the show will take place in the " clôchards celestes " theater. Twelve shows are booked during 3 days :   6th, 7th and 8th December 2013. 

- An exhibition of the twelve photographies produced during the shows will be display in February 2014.



Project birth and illustration of previous project


This project is the next idea after a previous project realised in December 2012.

More infos and illustration of the previous project






Why fund it?

This crowdfunding act will help to produce the project. The money is gonna help covering the following expenses


- Scenography. (150€)

To buy old furnitures, wall papers, flowers, costumes, etc .. 


- Lightning material. (1200€)

To complete the lights inside the theater, we need to buy studio lights equipments in order to produce the best image.


- Communication. (150€) 

To cover the costs of producing flyers, posters


- Images production . (500€) 

To produce the twelve prints of the images in order to display them during the exhibition (February 2014) 







"La bonne Impression " project is born of an idea of the photographer Kevin BUY ( and his meeting with the author Emmanuelle PITON et the musician Supa Jay (Scratch Bandits Crew) The project has evolve with the following people joining the team Gilles Rosillo ( lightning ) Simon Libeaut (actor) Anna Pabst (actress )... See more

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