Help us to create "La Cabane des Parents"! A place of many resources for families! Activities - Child care service.


The project

In the beginning...


On the day I became a mother. I discovered an amazing new world. I became a specialist  at juggling things: work, meetings, baby bottles, sleepless nights... it was difficult to find  child care. And I had questions, many of them. How were other parents coping? I realised I wasn’t the only one in this situation and that many of us felt isolated. La Cabane des Parents is the fruit of meetings with mothers, fathers, grandparents, parenthood associations, and professionals of the child care environment.


The adventure starts...


Together, we defined the needs of families and our objectives. La Cabane des Parents is:



A place for child care:   

The association creates and manages a workplace for childminders that allows long opening hours, as well as an everyday and emergency reception (for sick parents...) .

Organic meals.

Educational methods inspired by Montessori.  


It is a place where people can share and get advice:


La Cabane des Parents is a place of many resources:

- Family activities are offered within the child care centre: motor function, babies yoga, music discovery, festivities (Christmas, Halloween, Mardi Gras, etc.).

- Group outings: shows, trips to the vegetable patch, family meetings with coffee/tea, partnership with a retirement home, etc.  


La Cabane des Parents will regularly offer:

- Opportunities to share: books, swaps (baby equipment, clothes, toys), information about other associations in the area, representative for AMAP (an organisation providing food hampers with local produce).

- Meetings with child care professionals (psychologists, nursery nurses, etc.) to learn and understand more about certain subjects such as: maternal burnout, children's feelings, the role of the father during pregnancy, etc.).

- Workshops with a nutritionist, first aid classes, etc.





The house itself  

The house, which also has a garden, is renovated with green building materials (cellulose  wadding, natural paint, natural linoleum flooring, wood). It is located in the area of Dervallières-Zola, near Bellevue-Chantenay. This area is characterised by social diversity and the presence of many families.   This house is a place to meet and share, exchange and talk, play and discover.


The team:  

The association committee:

President: Pauline; Secretary: Lucille; Secretary Treasurer: Emilie.


Technical supervisor: Béatrice (young children educator, childminders trainer, liaising with associations for parenthood assistance).  

Coordinator: Laëtitia

Childminders Team: Emilie, Elodie, Laëtitia and Marie-Christine  


The association is surrounded by a team of psychomotor specialists, child care workers, nurses, psychologists, childhood specialists.


Potential and confirmed partners and suppliers:  

Biocoop Nantes

La Maison du Linoleum (ecological flooring)

Rebom maraîchage bio et insertion

Collectif MAM

PMI de Nantes

Why fund it?

What will the funds be used for?


Dear financial contributors, would you like to join us in this beautiful venture? Do you, like us, think that this project is a great idea that will lead to positive changes in the life of the area and its inhabitants (by offering a place for childminding as well as a place for families to meet and share ideas)?   


In what way would your contribution help?

As a new association, we do not have the required funds to carry out all the renovations to create a sustainable and ecological environment while being mindful of future generations.   In this way, each of your contributions can help us with:  


Renovation work: Restoration of the house (floors and painting), in compliance with the green building requirements: €1400 Adaptation of the house to meet disability standards (doors, ramps) and safety (fire extinguishers): €900  


Layout and equipment Decoration of the play area for larger games and furniture: €600  


Public relations, marketing: €600   We do not want to ask for a greater amount at this time but any additional funding will be fully used to make the most of La Cabane des Parents.   The first purchases of building materials and upgrading were financed by our personal funds to the value of €30,600. We want this project to be yours as well as ours.  


We are ready to launch La Cabane des Parents but still need as much help as possible, be it yours or your friends’, so please pass it on!

la cabane

La Cabane des Parents was created in february 2014. The association creates and manages a workplace for childminders that allows long opening hours, as well as an everyday an emergency reception. We want to facilitate family life, we plan activities that strengthen the bond between family members. This house is a place to meet and share, exchange and...

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Le lieu est-il adapté aux fauteuils roulants?

Oui, nous avons un accès du trottoir à la maison sans dénivelé, une porte handicapé, pas de dénivelé au rez-de-chaussé jusqu'au jardin.

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