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The project

Some of my work:



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A dressing table of unique design, whose name is “Demoiselle”:


Realised in a noble wood, decorated with gold leaf, precious stones and leather, this piece will be accompanied with a matching stool.  The ‘ensemble’ will push to the extreme, elegance and harmony.  Like the famous chest of drawers by André Groult, the design of this dressing table shows an anthropomorphic interpretation.  The feminine shapes and movement of the lines give the piece an allure of a dancer.  Amongst the many techniques employed, sculpting will also play its part.  The materials, colors and textures enrich and complete the ‘Demoiselle’.  Its proportions have not been left to chance but in fact correspond to the Golden Mean Number.


In order to accomplish this piece, 6 to 7 months of work will be needed with also the know-how of other artisans of art (gilder, jeweler, mirrored, leather worker, engraver, locksmith…)



Other realisations:



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A symbolic work

Craftsmen in the artistic world are so often held back in their creativity by lack of funds and or materials.  Thus we find that the evolution and artistic progression in general is slowed down.  During the time my business has been running I have been obliged to make choices that have not been easy.  But each time, I remember that I have chosen this artistic profession because of my passion to create and innovate.   With this project, I wish to counter what seems to be inevitable for many artists and encourage the talents of today to experience their art in excess of these limits.

Obstacles:  are they not there to be overcome?




Examples of know-how (production Léa Pack)






The drawing :




To protect this project until its realisation, no drawings will be shown to the public. But you can see the reactions of 3 professionals I have shown my designs to on the video.

To see more of my work and business take a tour through my internet site which you will find here:



A multi-faceted project:

By its media and participation in awards and competitions, this piece would allow the recognition and growth of my business.  A true professional springboard, it can represent my skills at one of the largest international exhibitions such as the Grand Palais in Paris at the Salon Revelation. Finally, combine the know-how on the same object in order to boost Art and evolve technical craftsmanship.


Start of production planned:  January 2015.

Why fund it?

9000€ needed to:

Pay the artisans :

- Gilder (working with gold leaf on the furniture) : Leather Worker Jeweler (gold and precious stone designs for the drawer knobs) Engraver (to write your name and country on the brass plate on the back of the mirror).


7000€ needed to :

Buy the materials (wood, glass, mirror, hardware, lock, brass, etc.) Fund the travel for the supply of materials from suppliers and artisans Art which I will call (throughout France).


If the funds raised on KissKissBankBank exceed the budget, they will go towards financing: A place at key exhibitions such as "Maison et Objet", "Revelation" at the Grand Palais, Art and Design in Paris ... (following acceptance of my application). Exposure abroad (London, Moscow or New York). The manufacture of other works. The replacement of the commercial vehicle. (Unreliable on long trips) Improved equipment (machines and tools) Complete development of my workshop (concreting the part of the workshop (24m2, currently earth floor), rebuilding the workshop annex to store the raw materials).

Léa Pack Design

I am an Artistic Cabinet Maker and Designer, I’m 26 years old. Always passionate about creating, I choose to put my expertise to the service of modernity to produce unique pieces, modern and high quality. Four months after the opening of my business, my work was rewarded with the first prize of a regional Arts and Crafts Competition. Newspaper... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Que deviendra "Demoiselle" une fois réalisée?

Elle sera présentée à différents prix et/ou concours.
Elle sera exposé à Paris sur de grands Salons tels que "Maison et Objets" ou "Révélation" (selon acceptation du dossier, car les exposants sont sélectionnés selon différents critères)
Enfin, elle sera vendue ou proposée en musée.

+ Me contacter?

Une question ou un message? Vous pouvez me contacter directement depuis mon site Internet, sur: "" rubrique "Contact".

+ Quand débuterait la fabrication?

Dès janvier 2015!

+ Réception des contreparties?

Les contreparties physiques (cartes postales, porte-clé, sculpture) seront livrées durant le mois de janvier 2015.
Les photos en cours de fabrications seront délivrées par e-mail, à raison d'au moins une photo par mois.
Les photos de l’œuvre achevée seront envoyées par e-mail avant la fin juillet 2015. Le cas échéant, si un quelconque retard s'installait, vous en serriez avertis.
Enfin, les invitations au vernissage de la première exposition de l’œuvre vous seront envoyées dans les meilleurs délais. Vous serez préalablement informé de la date de l'évènement.

+ Sur quelle partie du meuble seront gravés les noms?

Une plaque de laiton sera apposée au dos du miroir, sur laquelle le nom et le pays de chaque participant sera gravé, et marquera à jamais l'histoire de La Coiffeuse "Demoiselle".

+ Et dans le cas où l'objectif n'est pas atteint ?

Dans ce cas, vous êtes remboursé automatiquement à 100% de votre contribution. Aucune démarche n'est à effectuer de votre côté.

Newest comments

J'ai connu Léa elle avait 17 ans,la première chose qui m'à frappée:sa maturité,son énergie,sa façon d'écouter les gens de les observer,et surtout son art de répondre avec une justesse millimétrée.La seconde son calme sa sérénité,sa façon d'appréhender la vie et ses vicissitudes,afin d'aller toujours de l'avant.Léa: une jeune femme pas comme les autres,vraie,juste ,charismatique,pétrie de qualité,bourrée de créativité,qui a en plus le don de voir les choses différemment,de les imaginer et de les créer dans un esthétisme et un équilibre parfait.Elle est comme son art,elle ne supporte pas l'à peu prés.Léa: une personne méritante,un talent incroyable.rejoignez nous afin qu'elle puisse réaliser ce chef d'oeuvre unique qui va vous éblouir
Très beau projet...en espérant que beaucoup d'autres le soutiennent !
Prodigy in the Art World - Léa is an extraodinary artist and designer. I have had the pleasure close hand of watching her at work, hearing her ideas and seeing sketches of her projects already realised and exciting new projects for the future. Her talent and level of finition are exceptional. Léa is one of the rare people who is able to find a solution to any problem thrown in her direction and I have been blown away by the manner in which she picks up new skills and takes them to the highest levels of competance..... For example, how many Sculpters do you know who are able to sculpt holding a chisel in either their left or rignt hand adapting to all the angles and grain of the wood!!!! I rest my case....