Healthy, Happy & Delicious! Meet Happy Crulture the first French brand of Raw Organic Kale Chips! Crank up the crunch!


The project

Raw kale chips are widely appreciated by children and adults in the United States (where they exist in more than twenty flavors! ), Canada and Britain. Moms love them because they can finally get their children to eat their greens without forcing them... quite the contrary they ask for it!!!  


What is Kale?  


Kale  is a delicious and highly nutritious cabbage (rich in chlorophyll, calcium, vitamins A, C and K, minerals and antioxidants in abundance ! ).


Today this super cabbage considered as the "healthiest " has become super " hype " among the stars in  United States (Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston , Heidi Klum ...) who love it for its health benefits, low calories and detox properties...but also for its versatility!   

Today Happy Crulture, raw food pop up restaurant and catering in Paris since 2011, brings you the first French brand of raw and organic kale chips !  


How's that "raw" chips? !


Our kale chips are seasoned and prepared (dehydrated) under  118°F in a dehydrator. They are "raw" but their appearance, texture and taste have nothing to envy to the best chips in the world : crispy, they crunch in your mouth and reveal its wonderful flavors!  


Why raw ?   


Because this way kale chips keep their great nutrients and vitamins while remaining a crispy and delicious snack !

Above 118° F, nutrients, vitamins and enzymes are destroyed. Raw kale chips combine healthy food and snacking ! 

Happy Crulture

Camila, passionnée de cuisine et de voyages, est le chef de Happy Crulture, un pop-up restaurant (restaurant nomade) de cuisine crue et gourmet à Paris. Vegan gourmande et férue des nouvelles tendances « food », elle découvre il y a quelques années la « raw food » (la cuisine crue) et avec elle les fameuses « raw kale chips » (chips de kale)... See more

Newest comments

I tried Camilla's Kale chips once. So yummy! I can't wait to do it again!
Depuis quelques temps que je m'intéresse au cru, j'entend parler de ce fameux "kale" que je ne trouve bien entendu pas encore en magasins bio... alors c'est l'occasion de faire une première approche avec ce fameux chou frisé ! Bravo pour votre projet, qui j'espère sincèrement se concrétisera :)
j'ai hâte de trouver des chips de kale en France!!!