Pay tribute to all the emigrants thanks to the singular story of a woman. A movie which will have a résonnance in your own history.


The project




This project was born after several meetings with emigrants. Their stories have given me the desire to pay homage to them, praising their courage and dignity. My choice fell on one of these stories, told by a woman of Chinese origin. His career seems emblematic of the difficulty for all those who seek a better future, struggling to co-exist with another culture, to assert their identity against the social conventions of all kinds.  





The film was the character's life in Paris in Canton, via Mauritius, discovering the intricacies of a chaotic journey where every step questions her future.     What is the journey of an emigrant? Where do we find the strength to break the chains? How to be sure of the rightness of his choice? What is the home of the family at home?   What price are we willing to pay for an exile?

Why fund it?

Plans already in Mauritius were shot by meeting the family of the main character of the film, looking in their collective memory history.







It remains to turn London and especially China in the Canton region, the origin of the family of Li Mu Lan. Part of his family, Hakka origin, remained in China and so I need to meet.    





The collection will therefore mainly cover:   - Sequences in China: 2 tickets (2 x € 1,100), the cost of Accommodation Type, restoration and translation for two weeks of location scouting and (900 €), car rental with driver (€ 900).   Img_4872


- Sequences in London 2 train tickets (2 x 80 €), the booking for a one week (840 €)

Patrice Goldberg

My name is Patrice Goldberg and I shoot up and since the age of 9 years, but the circumstances of life have not allowed me to do my job. Still I've never really lost sight of the craft show becoming accounting companies in the audiovisual and cinema for 30 years and jazz musician for 25 years (CD, scene, shot ..). I do a lot of traveling (Brazil,... See more

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Merci Jack pour ces encouragements. J'espère vraiment que ce projet verra le jour car des suites seront possible alors...
ce projet mérite de déboucher sur une réalisation concrète, car il est intéressant pour son authenticité, sa sensibilité et son intimité dévoilée. je souhaite bon vent à ce projet ...