The SDI association is coming back in 2014 with LA SEMAINE DE L'IMPRO and this year... WE NEED YOU !


The project




The Crache-Texte company was born in 2005. At the very beggining, it was composed of 4 actors and 1 musician. It got bigger in the course of meetings with people and can now invite regularly artists from all over France or even Europe.

Far from being an exclusively humorous discipline, Improv have made its point in terms of personnal and artistic development.


Back in 2009, the company, eager for new challenges, decides to create the first impro festival and calls it : LA SEMAINE DE L'IMPRO.


Fortified by its success, this festival is getting bigger and stronger and is now seen as a national and international reference for all the disciplines related to improv.


In 2014, now bold by the SDI association, the festival can't stop growing and is now counting on your support to make it even better !









What's rare is not expensive, it's precious

One week to be able to meet, discover and keep in our memory these moments that we will never share again..

Boundaries are vanishing between disciplines, cultures, status.

During the week come and play spontaneously with us, sometimes by taking the rôle of the audience, sometimes the rôle of the actor and most importantly, take pleasure !


This year's highlights of the festival :


opening night by the Chiche Capons

the Kino Kabaret (48 hours to create and roll a movie)

Strip Show (comic strip marathon)

international compagnies : ImprovBoston et Basement Theatre (USA), Mateus Bianchim (Brasil), Belgische Improvisatie Liga (Belgium), Solucion Impro (Colomby) (this line up can be subject to changes)

leading improv figures such as : Marko Mayerl, Mathieu Loos, Mélinda Nouette, Guillaume Darnault

show for children with Crache Texte creation called Bill Mini and Histoires Ephémères (Thierry Bilisko)

a challenge / marathon / theatrical and arts happening taking the form of a tribute to Raymond Queneau and his well known  « 99 exercices de styles »

a fabulous match To end on a high note

and concert every nights




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tous all rights reserved : MYLORRAINE

Why fund it?

Firmly turned towards a festival more open on the international and the willing of showing a great panel of disciplines, the fund raising will help us to improv the reception of our international guests and deal with more efficiency and flexibility their needs during their stay in NANCY.






It will also permit to open a wider scope of artistic choices and will help us offer you "la crème de la crème" of improvisation in all its forms.


Association SDI

Tout ce qui se passe à LA SEMAINE DE L'IMPRO, reste à LA SEMAINE DE L'IMPRO...

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c'est beau un monde qui joue
J'ai hâte d'y être !
Avec mes sous persos. Bon courage pour l'organisation.