"La Voix est Libre" is a poetic documentary that explores the mechanisms of improvisation in all its forms shoot in Lebanon, Tunisia and France.


The project



La Voix est Libre (The Voice is Free) is a poetic documentary that explores the mechanisms of improvisation in all its forms: instrumental music, slam, dance, traditional music, jazz, circus arts, painting... In the age of the internet, a daily battle is being waged from Paris to Beirut, via Tunis, against standardization and obscurantism, a constant struggle to maintain a thirst for curiosity and the unexpected, to defend creative freedom and support artistic interconnections.


Whether in a park in the Barbès neighborhood of Paris, at the seaside in Beirut, or on the rooftops of Sidi Bou Saïd in northern Tunisia, this film seeks to shine a light on these hot spots of resistance and shared aspirations, focusing on the innovative festivals La Voix est Libre (Paris), Irtijal (Beirut), and Chantier Libre (Tunis). This documentary takes art as a point of departure to question the state of the world today. It is a militant film, a manifesto on improvisation in all its facets; a celebration of the ephemeral in art, of confronting the moment. It is an invitation to travel and to encounter the undefined in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa in the company of artists of diverse nationalities.


With Mounir Troudi, Amazigh Kateb, Médéric Collignon,  Alia Sellami, Erwan Keravec, , Vimala Pons, Denis Charolles, Brigitte Fontaine, Dgiz, Mazen Kerbaj, Jorg Muller, Naissam Jalal, Mehdi Hadab, Theo Ceccaldi, Gaspar Claus, Wassim Halal, Sharif Sehnaoui,  Seifeddine Manai, Peter Corser, Blaise Merlin, Violaine Lochu, Zied Zoueri, Philippe Gleizes…




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It let us to finish postrproduction of film !!!!!



Réalisateur, depuis une dizaine d’’années, de documentaires et de captations de spectacles vivants pour Arte Concert, Culturebox, Mezzo, Josselin Carré gravite principalement dans le milieu du jazz, ses musiques connexes ainsi que la danse contemporaine. En 2010, il participe à la série de documentaire Jazzlive initiée par Oléo films. En 2014, il... See more

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J'ai bien reçu le lien pour le film su Médéric Collignon, j'ai hâte de le découvrir. Merci beaucoup! Avec tous mes voeux de vif succès à la suite de vos projets
Félicitations Joss! A bientôt. Xav
Hâte de voir le film !