It's and big makeover, for a new design, a news CMS, a new server and new translations of new webcomics.


The project was created a long time ago, in 2001. It's the french version of a lot of webcomics, made in french or translated from english, like Elftor, WhiteNinja, Red Meat, BTC, SMBC, Formal Sweatpants, xkcd, Dr Fun, etc.


Rabbit comics was created a short while after that.


This is in 2001.



Thoses sites run on a variety of platforms : dotclear, SPIP, phpBB, Arfoo, and a lot of hand-made code. Some are obsolete, some outdated, and they're very complicated to manage.



Above : in 2003.


We wrote lots of the pages ourselves. Below, now.




We need some code We need a brand new modern CMS, after a lot of thoughts we decided to go with Wordpress. That means we need to migrate a lot of websites and thousands of pages. the  "stripeuse" It's a rabbit specific developpment, the one we're going to keep and modernise. But it's a lot of work.


A brand new design

We'll bne working with Jane Secret, a great graphic designer we work with sometimes. She did some of the design of our publications, like this collection.


Une plate-forme multilingue

We'll be translating some of our best french webcomics : Michael Guérin, La dissonance des corps, La vie des Gens and many more.




We already work with some professionnal translators.


Un projet secret

We'll tell you when this is signed ! It's great project for the webcomics community.


To sum this up

We need :

1 - a Wordpress CMS, and moving everything on it.

2 - a great brand new design design

3 - boost up the "stripeuse", and a multiplateforms site ( for smartphones, tablets, etc.)

4 - A multi-langages platform

5 - a brand new server

6 - a secret project (hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !)


Lots of volontiers will still be working on Lapin, so all this will cost only 5000 euros (it's not that much for such a big makeover).

Why fund it?

The 5000 euros are for :

- 2000 euros for the graphic designer  ;

- 2000 euros for the computer guys

- 1000 euros for a brand new server and the secret project.


And we get more ?

To sum this up, the more money we get, the more comics we translate. Period.


Phiip est éditeur, auteur de bandes dessinées et de webcomics, traducteur forcené, webmaster suppléant et internaute compulsif. Il réalise une bande dessinée quotidienne appelée Lapin ( depuis le 01 avril 2001 (on en est à 2900 épisodes, là). // Biographie romancée // Dès tout petit, Phiip gribouille dans ses cahiers d'école,... See more

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